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Pet medallion   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started Jul-13 by Rockingrae; 238 views.

From: Rockingrae


I've forgotten how to get let medallions for the current challenge.  Can you help me?

Rockin' Rae

Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


Here's the link to AEGram's STELLAR info on getting Pet Medallions:

XXOO ~ Dhyani

This might help...……………. 

From: AEGram

4:30 PM

Since we're actually on THE day for Pet Medallions, I shall copy my post from the referenced other thread:

ONLY the Wooden and Iron chests (from regular pets) will give the Pet Medallions.

Players can also receive a Pet Medallion from a crystal chest offered by the Exclusive Pets.

Other than receiving them from the pet chests, the only way to earn these is through the parts of the DQs.

Most of the 3-part DQs give 1 medallion for each part completed. However, the Three Days of the Castle Explorer will give players 3 medallions for the first part, 4 medallions for part 2, and 6 medallions for part 3.

Players receive 2 medallions for each part completed of a 5-part DQ

Of the 10-part DQs..... Gnome Spy, In the Service of the Record Keeper, New Knowledge, Robbery of the Century, and Secret Delivery all give 3 medallions for each part completed. ..................Rare Editions, Something New, and What's Going On will give 1 medallion for each part completed.

So....for this would want to feed pets that offer a high percentage for giving Wooden or Iron chests .....and I've found that during a CC, those percentages just don't seem to hold true. But, I've also found that trying to rely on JUST pet chests results in many feedings and few medallions.

As a result, I start the DQs, hoping for one that will give me several medallions in each part, and one that DOES NOT send me to the Ghostly Chest.....I will also pepper those DQs with periodic pet feedings. 

Something to bear in mind on DAY 7 - GET 20 PET MEDALLIONS IN 24 HOURS .... The clock starts ticking when you get that first medallion.......please, please, please watch your clock to be sure you don't get up to as many as 18 of them, take a break, and return to the game only to find your count is back to zero because the 24-hour clock wound down.

Edited to add one final is possible to receive more than one medallion from a single pet chest. 

Adding this additional remark to the above copied post.....................yesterday when we were required to get 4 Silver pet chests, I lost count of all the Pet Medallions I received when I got a Wooden or Iron Chest. Because it was so shocking, I did write down that my Jack O'Lantern pet gave me 3 items in his iron chest...........all 3 were pet medallions! ...........Rainbow Dragon gave me an Iron chest with 2 pet medallions.

Today, when I want them, they will be few and far between.

You're welcome and thanks to AEGram for the info to pass along.