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Game Lost !!   Technical Issues

Started Jul-15 by Marcia68; 1760 views.

From: Marcia68


Hi All !  I've been away for awhile and especially my 82 friends a message for you!I   I lost my game a couple of weeks ago . My PC went on the blink !!crypersevere went to turn it on and got the black screen!! It comes on and you can hear it running but thats about it. Soooo i got my daughter to get me a new PC which arrived on July 8th. I set it up but still having trouble. I actually had 2 big fish accounts . One way back when i first started BF. Long story . I can't get into my account !! tried everything. I'm trying everything. I hate the idea of starting over been with BF some years. I have 2million about800thousand coins anddon't know how much inventory about 700 something . I been through most of my achievements , Got about 9 more to go. I am really frustrated. I've been in touch with Big fish which is asking for my Email , psw. which i don't have. Numerous purchased games. The way i usually got into my game i just stayed signed on.  so i sent bf my friends code and thats pretty much i can do . I've guessed a few email addresses but don't remember any password.  So i'm asking all my Delphi family if anyone knows any tips , tricks or anway else i can retrieve my game please contact me throught this forum  I am Marsh68 also know as Marcia Marcia  Marcia .  My friend code is 488905 . Please help I greatly appreciate. I just don't want to start over.  Thanks everyone.


From: Hirento


Hello Marcia wave

I hope you have been able to access your game, but if not:

As I understand it, you have a new computer, and downloaded the Game Manager/app on that computer and need to log in again.

So the Game Manager login is always connected to a Big Fish game account, and that is associated with an Email account.

If you know which email you used with your account, then you can request a new password, by clicking "forgot your password" when you try to sign in to the Game Manager app. You put in your email and BF will send a new password link to that email address.

Now you can make a new password for you BF game account, this time write it down wink

If you have more than one account, using different email adresses, then then try them all until you hit the right one. By that, I mean request new passwords for each of your email adresses, then make new passwords, then log in to see if this was the right account that holds your Midnight Castle game. It might be easier to do this on the BF homepage instead of in the Game Manager App.

Then hopefully BF can restore your game to your new computer.

I really hope you can find your game again.


From: Marcia68


Hello Hirento, Thank you for giving me some imput as far as Midnight Castle.! Well I did hear from Big Fish and there claiming i can get my old game through the game manager now . Threw option in game manager . They did send me some files but i seem to be having a hard time retrieving them!? They seem to be on my new pc but i'm having a hard time getting them. When i click on them nothing happens. If anyone knows how i can get that download please comment. Thank You. and thank you too Hirento!

1 If anyone knows how please comment. T

Marcia, I wish that I could help but I might know someone who can so I've included her in this post.  Dhyani is the go to in this forum for all things technical and hopefully she can help you.  Good luck.


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From: Marcia68


can anyone tell me what browser they are using in windows 10. I read that Big Fish perfers Internet Explorer ?  is that true? 


From: Marcia68


Thank You Tammy27 really appreciate your help !!!

You're welcome!!  I use Microsoft Edge and have never had an issue playing any games (except for the annoying "Please wait.........on MC) from Big Fish or other game sites.


From: Marcia68


Thanks Tammy27 , I have Microsoft Edge ,I'll keep it


From: Hirento


Hi Marcia,

I am guessing the files BFG sent you are the game directories for Midnight Castle, your specific game, but never having gone through this process myself, I am not sure what BFG told you to do.

If you like you could send med a private message here on Delphi, with the exact wording in BFG's email.  I am also sure there are others here on this forum that has done this before, hopefully they may help more.

Edit: I use Firefox browser , and never had any issues with downloads or playing BFG games.

In the Game Manager, in Options, there are 4 tabs. I am assuming that you need to go to "downloads".

Click on "find games - start" to search for BFG games.

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Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


Howdy Marcia!

I'm a bit confused . . . I have NEVER heard of BF CS sending you YOUR GAME FILES.  

Would you please be absolutely specific and tell me the names of these files?  And how many?  Were they links in their Reply email to you or were they attachments?

XXOO ~ Dhyani 

CC to Hirento