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Professor Pin Feathers   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started Jul-15 by PapaDon71; 225 views.

From: PapaDon71


Who is Professor Pin Feathers, how do I find him, ad what quest is he on?

He is the Raven with the top hat and monocle in the upper left corner of the screen under your name/avatar.  He is the one who sends you on your quests during the game.

From the MC Guide:

**Prof. Pinfeathers quests – This is how you “level up” in the game. Prof. Pinfeathers will send you to various characters to assist them with finding items or crafting items. As you complete these quests, you receive coins and “experience points” that move you up within the levels. Sometimes you will also receive an item needed to repair the artifact you’re currently working on. Initially, the levels go quite quickly and are very inexpensive. However, as you advance in the game, they become more complex and cost you lots of coins and inventory to complete. 


From: PapaDon71


Thank you Tammy. As soon as I hit send I realized who he was. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

You're welcome, happy to help!!