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Heart's Keeper (eventual spoilers!)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started Jul-23 by KathyVesnik; 774 views.

From: KathyVesnik


It has been suggested that I post my MC fanfic here for others to enjoy. While it starts out fairly close to the game plot, I have taken a few liberties. I haven't finished it yet, so I can't be sure how spoilery it will get. Keep that in mind if spoilers are a big deal for you.

Heart's Keeper

Chapter 1

    I hopped off the back of Mr. Clawson's creaky covered wagon and gaped at the scene before me. My luggage thumped to the ground where he tossed it, but I couldn't find it in me to care. All my valuables were carefully packed in the case clutched to my chest.

    The remains of an overturned carriage sat decaying to my right, a massive stone slab covered what could very well have been the bodies of the unfortunate travelers, and a flickering lantern dimly lit the door of a dusty inn. And in the distance at the end of a long crumbling stone bridge stood the castle shrouded in swirling mist. No wonder I'd had so much trouble finding someone to bring me here.

    I turned back to the wagon as Mr. Clawson hauled himself back onto the driver's seat. He eyed me from beneath bushy red brows and scratched at his beard. "Look miss, I might not like ya much fer dragging me up here, but I don't care fer leavin' a lady stranded neither. Bad things happen to folks up here." His eyes narrowed and he chewed on his lip in thought before nodding once. "When ya need to get out just have old Salty send fer me."


    "Inkeeper," he answered with a nod toward the old inn I had assumed was abandoned. Fascinating.

    I turned back to the grumpy, but surprisingly kind Mr. Clawson. "Thank you, sir. I appreciate the offer, but I'm sure I can handle anything my uncle's castle can throw at me."

    The caw of a crow echoed and an eerie wind howled across the chasm. Apprehension shivered down my spine, instantly followed by the insatiable curiosity my mother tried so hard to stamp out of me.

    Mr. Clawson gave a hollow chuckle. "They all said that. You just send fer me when the time comes. I'll be waitin'."

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From: KathyVesnik


Sorry this second chapter took so long to finish. Prepping for the next school year has been a nightmare.

Chapter 2

    The following morning began with a simple list:

1. Food (blood doesn’t count)

2. Bathroom (outhouses are a dealbreaker, I don’t care how mysterious the castle is)

3. Set up functioning lab (I will craft with proper tools or not at all)

     The food was easy enough to procure. Anabel appeared at my door moments after I woke carrying a large tray heaving with an odd assortment of fruits and cheeses. I sat up to thank her for such generosity, but hesitated when I got a good look at the food. The tomatoes were more green than red, some unidentifiable brown thing oozed in the middle, and were those grapes or raisins?

     “Um, thanks. This looks … lovely.” I barely held back the urge to gag.

    “Only eat what you want,” Anabel said as she set the tray beside me. “It’s been so long since I needed food, I’ve sort of forgotten what’s good and what’s not.”

     I gulped. “Where, um, did you get it all?”

     “Most of it came from the inn, but some of it we grew in the old garden before you arrived.”

     Well, that explained the green tomatoes and the shriveled grapes. I decided I didn’t want to know about the brown glop.

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From: LadyDiFL


Love your interpretation.  It is very interesting and extremely well written.  Thanks!  Keep it up!  Lady DiFL


From: SharpEye1


I agree with Lady Di!  I look forward to the next installment. heart_eyes

Hear! Hear!smiley_cat

I read  during my work break.heart_eyes_cat

Hoping the story continues....tulip

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From: KathyVesnik


Chapter 3

“Are you sure this will work?” I asked the Professor the following day as we stood outside the creaky inn.

    “Not remotely.”

    I glared at the annoying bird, but it lacked any heat. He meant well. The Eight-pointed Star, the Murderer’s Eye, and a few other trinkets weighed heavy in my shoulder bag. My eyes burned from the late night spent crafting and my belly ached from too many granola bars and not enough real food. Well meaning or not, I needed to establish some basic ground rules. I couldn’t let them walk all over me, no matter how charming they could be. At least I’d managed to find a washroom with mostly working plumbing.

    I lifted a hand to knock when I heard Anabel shouting somewhere behind me. She was … well, not exactly running. More like gliding. Whatever it was, she was making her way up the path quite gracefully at a pace that would have me huffing and puffing in seconds. Maybe this vampirism thing had some merit.

    “Katherine,” she called again. “I found a key.”

    I rubbed my stomach as she approached holding up a key very similar to the Forged Key.

    “You just … found a key? And it just happens to be the key I need.” I couldn’t really help the skeptical attitude. I was getting hangry.

    “I remembered this morning that Salty had given my father a key when we first came to the Midnight Castle. It took some digging but I finally found it. Salty can’t refuse you now.”

    I tried to rein in the snappy comments banging in my head. An entire night wasted. I could have gotten some sleep. But she was right. With the key I didn’t have to worry about Salty not letting me in.

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From: Honeyphan


An intriguing start! Makes the game more real. :) You have an engaging writing voice. I look forward to more...


From: LadyDiFL


Don't know how you do it!  Love your interpretation of the story!  Waiting in anticipation for the next chapter.  Take your time, though.  I'm sure that reading this takes such a short time and writing this takes considerable time and energy.  Here's wishing you LOADS of time and energy.  Thanks!