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Use 3o items in Zoom Zones in 2 hours   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Jul-24 by Katijay (Katijay46); 309 views.
Katijay (Katijay46)

From: Katijay (Katijay46)


Plan ahead and most I think will be able to accomplish this task...


From: Honeyphan


What I have done - and this might help someone, I hope, especially any newbies or semi-newbies like me - is to play repeatedly the area of ZZs that are newly opened in your game, on a cycle - my last four and "freshest" are Harbor, Atlantis, Fairy Tale, and East - and none of those HOS are maxed yet, a few still at 6 objects, so I can get through them really fast. I play them on a rotation of each area, and by the time I get to the beginning, even with cool down times of 30 min. for the first ones, they are ready again. This will only work if you've opened the ZZs for them in whatever area is your last area (or more) since those objects often correlate to the same area ZZs, though sometimes there are objects needed from the first Castle HOSes. I did this over a period of two days, taking turns with a character's quest or a few puzzles - then doing a run through of the new HOSes- but you can do it straight through if you have the time. (and you don't have to have four areas - I just did that because they are all still new to me, so more fun since I am not tired of seeing them yet. lol) - I have fully stored up objects in all the ZZs this way, (last count was 64 - ETA - make that 120 - I forgot to add the last two areas in my total.) - and would say it took about 7 rotations -

I did that many so I can place the items, continue with the story quest (characters), gift friends who need items, and have enough left over for the ZZ coming up a few days after that - open 10 zoom zones in 30 minutes. :) (Although, those are always easier with the one-object zones, if you build up on those. I play the first two repeatedly - the coffin and the cart - as well as the well - to get the murderer's eye, the key, the shard, and the torch for that...)

ETA- and the bat and the rune! lol

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From: AEGram


There's another strategy for the opening of ZZs or using a certain number of ZZs for CC tasks:

Play the puzzles for the "Castle Six": Torch, Murderer's Eye, Shard of Soul, Forged Key, Rune Stone, Winged Amulet.

If you list the first three as desired to win, they will be displayed before the diamonds. This allows you 2 free guesses to possibly win one. Never use diamonds to gamble away what you've won. If you miss the first time, and win the second time....close out that one and go to the next.......If you guess correctly the first time, continue playing until you miss, then go to the next puzzle. 

One round of puzzle play will net 6 items.....the puzzles reset in 5 another round. Most people can play puzzles at least 2 times each day. That will be 12 items. In 6 days, you will have 72 items. That's more than enough to complete most of the ZZ tasks in a CC. (Generally there are two related ZZ tasks....the most number of ZZs we've been requested to open is 15; the most items we've been requested to use opening ZZs has been 50).