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iPad update   Technical Issues

Started Jul-25 by TridaMC; 1215 views.

From: TridaMC


I have a older iPad - iPad2, I have read on forum that some have been unable to download on older iPads, can anyone let me know if the iPad2 is ok to update please?



From: misstracy22



I have an iPad 4, I think!

I’m only suggesting, that the iPad 2 won’t have capacity to upgrade. Without losing your game. I’m not a great techi. Someone else hopefully will step in here and be able to give you a more accurate answer. I would think Apple will say upgrade your iPad, so more money for them. What lvl are you on? Do you have everything backed up on iCloud or something?

Take care.

Tracy bee


From: TridaMC


Thanks, if I can’t update will donate my stuff to consortium until forced to update. I have other game on newer iPad but can’t have 2 games. 
Thanks for you input will wait awhile and see if I get definite answer.



From: attie1234


Hi Trida!  I have 2 games, 1 on an iPad 2 and the other one on an iPad 4. I have not updated my iPad 2 itself from version 10.3.1 so I have been able to keep updating Midnight Castle. I do not know if that is the reason or not but I have a few other games I like to play that have not been updated by their creators to play on later versions so I just keep plugging along and keep my fingers crossed that Midnight Castle will keep updating on it. I do know that there have been quite a few that have had to buy new iPads because they could not update Midnight Castle on their iPad 2s. l will keep my fingers crossed that someone else with more knowledge will come along and give you a more definitive answer. Good luck with whatever you decide to do! dancer Attie


From: misstracy22



Sorry, it’s taken me a while to reply. Busy with a couple of RL things. 

Bless you, I hope you can transfer your game. Only if you are unable cryThat would be fabulous of you to donate your itemstada I’ve cc’d Debbie and Catheryne. So if we need to help we can. Debbie will organise things, so we can help out. Then we could gift items to your other game. In fact I don’t think I have you on my friends list disappointed If you would like to PM me your ID and I’ll be able to help out with items you may need. I’m always happy to help relaxed

Take care and be safe, 

Tracy penguin

Msg 3592.6 deleted

Hi Trida!

Thank you so very much for your very generous list of donations that you would like to make to the iOS Consortium.
I will send you an invite to my game, and I will make sure Catherine, Tracy, and my dear friend Jackie a former Consortium Member also have your information , so together we are able to take in your donation as efficiently as possible.

If there is anything that we are able to do to be of help or be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me and please let me know!
I hope you and your family are staying safe and well!!

Debbie~ Consortium Leader 


From: misstracy22


Hi Trida, 

Thank you for your list of eggs you are willing to donate. Also your ID. I’ve sent an invite. Also if you don’t want anyone else to send invites you may want to delete that part of your post. I have three of your eggs on my Wish List, so when you accept, you can start and donate those to me. I’m sure Debbie and Catheryne will also add an egg to their lists. I’ll let Debbie know how things are going with my collecting for you. I’ll also have other things on my list for others to donate too. 

Please take care and stay safe,

Tracy snail


From: CindyK65



Hope you are well and everything is as good as possible. I’m doing good, getting out some, but being careful.

I saw that BF won’t be supporting older iPads. I’ve been expecting this. I suspect that the Fall update will require running IOS 10 or later which will exclude iPad 2 and 3, which includes WitchyWoman. 

Anyway, I have about 60 eggs to transfer ( WW-25). I’ve been waiting for the opportunity, but wanted to give you gals a rest and chance to just play MC for awhile. I sent a couple and 1 to a low-level player, but have a list ready to send. Please tell me who to send it to or can post here if you want.  Love and hugs, Cindy


I am glad to hear that you are doing well.
I am sorry to hear about your iPad for W.W. 
If you have Eggs that you would like to donate, any notes or references are best to be made in the Consortium Thread to my attention. Or you may send the list through PM to me. 

We greatly appreciate any and all donations to the Consortium,  thank you so greatly for thinking of us!! 
Congratulations on completing Magic Miser dizzyboomstar2rose!! 

Please stay safe and continue to do well. If there is anything I may do to be of help or assistance for you, please let me know.

Debbie ~ Consortium Leader  two_hearts