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Janet/Isadora Jdmorgan/Jannie / Jd out for surgery   Friends

Started Aug-10 by kthreads; 1821 views.

From: kthreads


 Been a long while since I posted...

Thank you all for the wonderful wishes, hugs, prayers and thoughts. I'm back to playing and gifting. Since I only play comfortably about half and hour to forty-five minutes at a time, I plot my gaming times to gifting three times a day. 

I am proceeding well into recovery. I have good range of motion, very little discomfort if I'm smart and don't do anything stupid...but still very tired and slow. I still seem to take naps at inconvenient when watching a movie, listening to an audio book while knitting.... but that will taper off with the more exercise I do, and the stronger I become. I'm up to taking a 45 minute walk each day. Soon it will have to be on the treadmill as the weather has turned foul and cold way too early in the season. 

SharpEye1...The light isn't at the end of tunnel's right in front of my face! 


Thank you for the update, Janet.  It's wonderful hear you are feeling well and to see you back in the forum and the Castle!