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Started 9/2/20 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 6803 views.

From: Marcia68


hey Hirento, I do have game icon on my desktop and when i click on it takes me to the game manager for big fish where all my games are showing what games i have.There i can see if i got updates and downloads and this is where i am usually able to download a update. But is not showing a update , even when i go to options and see if its automatic and manually. It says no update available.


From: Hirento


Hi again Marcia,

as I said in the other thread, I have a friend who had the same problem: often she could not get updates no matter what she did. She discovered that she had more than one User Account on her computer, and only the original User had Admin privileges with permission to download stuff. (She had several User Accounts because she had more than one game, under different names).

She logged in to her computer with the first user account and started the Game Manager. Then it showed an update available.

She also set the Game Manager to start in Admin mode, by right-clicking the icon and choosing "Start as Administrator".

After the download was finished and the game had been updated she logged out of that user account and started her preferred one, that had her favorite game.


From: Marcia68


Hi Hirento  !! I do believe i am using the correct account, i say this because in July i lost my game and it got restored in August. I have never had a problem with getting updates either threw my game manager and also i could be playing my game and it would interupt my game and say something like please wait and show where it was downloading a new update. Now i just don't know . Also i have read somewhere that  other people have said that BF is aware of this issue??? I'm thinking of contacting Elephant Games to see what they might suggest. I do have my game running under administrative action, but i am not having any other trouble with any of my games that have been downloaded from a previous account which i will check out if i can ,the issue with that is i couldn't remember my password. Everything i have right now is under a new account and password and friends code. Hopefully i can find out what the problem is. Thank you for your imput Hirento you have always helped me in anyway you can and i don't feel like i'm in the dark by myself . So thank you !!


From: Marcia68


When i use to get an update the saying would say "something is afoot .

 Just remembered . LOL

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From: Marcia68


Whew !! To all who helped me to get this download, Hirento ,SandyD, Debbie, Janet and all i can't remember Thank You I've been out of the loop since March 3 rd but i'm back !!!! and up to date!!! Thankj you All.

Hi Marcia,

I am having the same issue of not finding the update. Can you provide me with the solution you got from Hirento, SandyD, Debbie, etc?

If you are on PC did you check your Game Manager? You may have to check manually if there is no Update Available message under the Downloads Tab on the left of the screen.

I did receive the update notice and ran the update yesterday. But when I opened the game nothing has changed. I checked the files on my pc in the Midnight castle programming file and some do show a date of 3/24/2021 now.

I went into game manager tonight and did a manual check for updates but it came back as none available.

Very strange. Been playing since the beginning and have never run into an update issue. 

The Spring Event hasn't started, this was just a pre-Spring Event download. We still have 4 days left in the current CC that came along with the Feb 23 update.

From: AEGram

4:36 PM

Regarding the pre-Spring summary, here's what I've found:

1......Three new achievements for collection of Horses, Balloon Animals, and Cute Candies

2. .....Final level for each of the achievements is an Avatar, so we will have three new avatars: Rugged cowboy, Balloon Artist, Candy Hound

3. Spring Room 5 with only one HOS, Easter Baskets (requires one Golden Key from Trina to unlock it)

4. Inside that room, there are 5 "slots" that can be unlocked with additional keys to make upgrades:

Book - 0 keys - ghost book, snow globe album, egg album (1 shard each)
Pet Cushion - 0 keys - Basket (1500 shards); Aqua Cushion (4000 coins)
Carousel - 5 keys - Horses (1500 shards); Zoo Animals (2500 shards)
Shrub - 1 key - Girl with Parasol (1000 coins); Couple (1500 shards)
Vendor Cart - 3 keys - Ice Cream Cone (500 shards); Fancy Cart (1200 shards)

5. 2 new pets to craft: Cute Koala and Spring Herald

6. 2 new puzzles to get pieces for

Oh!  Thank goodness it was just a misunderstanding on my part!  Thank you!!!!!!