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Loss of staff due to COV-19 at Big Fish game   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Sep-2 by Annemaree1; 3551 views.

From: Annemaree1


Big Fish Colleagues,This morning, we shared news of important changes to strengthen our business and position Big Fish for long-term success. As a result, we are removing approximately 250 positions and announcing several organizational changes. While difficult to face today, these moves reinforce a commitment to players and our mission to become a truly great games company.The scale that Big Fish developed over many years as a multi-platform publisher has made it difficult to successfully lead in mobile, which requires greater agility and different operating and creative capabilities. By pivoting how we operate and sharpening focus, we will gain increased flexibility to engage players more effectively today and invest more for the future. We are making these changes proactively from a position of financial strength. We will reduce certain costs, but saving money is not a primary driver behind the changes. Rather, our goal is to be a more effective and customer-centric organization.These decisions are difficult and were made only after careful consideration. We are grateful for the contributions of every departing team member and are committed to treating those leaving the company thoughtfully and with respect. We are providing departing colleagues with a separation package that is above the minimum required to support them through this change.Throughout today and this week, we will schedule meetings to discuss the changes in more detail and to give you an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. In the meantime, answers to some of the immediate questions you may have are set out below.Which positions are you removing, and how will I know if I’m impacted?These changes will primarily affect employees in Seattle, where we are making reductions in almost all functional groups. All impacted employees will be notified this morning.
What is changing and why?We are removing approximately 250 positions and announcing several organizational changes that are designed to deliver three strategic benefits:Creative Innovation: Under Andrew’s leadership, we are moving to a single studio model. We will expand partnerships with amazing developers like Neskin, Amber, HypGames, Proteus and others. This will support an ambitious product and growth strategy, while increasing flexibility to back new games that show promise.
Live Operations & Publishing: We will build a new business performance organization to accelerate analytical capabilities and increase the impact of live services across our portfolio. In addition, we will consolidate studio, social, and performance marketing into a single growth team. Big Fish has amazing casual and social casino franchises that require more love and more effective support. Strengthening the catalog business under experienced, single-threaded owners will create a solid foundation to fuel growth. It will also offer opportunities to innovate and develop the next generation of leaders in our company.
Efficiency & Scale: We will redirect more resources to efforts that directly benefit players and create business value increasing our focus and momentum. Developing a more flexible operating model is critical to support these efforts. This means an increasingly decentralized footprint, leveraging talent globally, expanding partnerships and leaning into the great company we are a part of within Digital, and the broader Aristocrat organization.
What does this mean for Big Fish Games and our culture?As new leaders, we will strive to earn your trust as we protect and nurture all that’s great about Big Fish. Building on this, together we will create a more forward-looking, customer-centric, and diverse culture that fosters innovation and creativity.
What happens next?This morning, departing colleagues will meet with People & Culture representatives, their team leads and a member of the senior leadership team.
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Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


As an avid player, I should like to thank all the departing “fishes”, especially the ones from Seattle with whom I think we had the most contact with, for their kind and efficient help through our frequent requests to solve glitches and game losses. I wish them all the very best for, I am sure, a promising future. They are too talented to not go way to the top. So all the best to all of them and many thanks for your patience and kind help.

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


I sent this but forgot to Cc you.

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Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)

1:10 AM

As an avid player, I should like to thank all the departing “fishes”, especially the ones from Seattle with whom I think we had the most contact with, for their kind and efficient help through our frequent requests to solve glitches and game losses. I wish them all the very best for, I am sure, a promising future. They are too talented to not go way to the top. So all the best to all of them and many thanks for your patience and kind help.


From: Annemaree1


Thank you, I sent a similar message myself directly to bigpond, and didn't think of copying the message.  Yes they heave been an enormous help in the past and wish them all the success and best in the future

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Let's be realistic ---- BF is in trouble, and everything about that message says so, IMO.

So, it is time to download the games you want to keep forever because when BF says bye-bye I seriously doubt they will give another way to get to our games. They do not care about their customers (oh sure, they are certain individuals who have been and are nice, but I am speaking of the corporate entity). They do not care today, they did not care yesterday, and they will not care tomorrow. Like so many corporations that get into difficulty, their only concern is $$$$.

What does this mean for Midnight Castle? It doesn't look good ---- at all. I just wish that they would provide a proper "end" to the game as well as a way to play again (multiple profiles). But there is some hope ---- Elephant Games. We will see. I apologize to the Pollyanna crowd that believes BF is great, grand, and glorious ---- but I have not trusted corporate BF for a very long time, and the above message just backs up what I believe to be the truth.

(My best wishes to those employees BF has hung out to dry.  "The focus for today is doing right by departing colleagues. Together with the Big Fish leadership team, our priority is ensuring these changes are communicated with utmost respect and empathy." LOL ---- maybe they are going to sell them moon property?

All of the above is, of course, my own personal opinion.


From: Honeyphan


I wish I could download all my games - I have over 500 of them, from BF (not counting those on Steam) some never yet played ...

Does anyone here know - is there a way to put them on flash drives??

Or perhaps download and locate them to another hard drive (I have 5 of them, due to my hobby of making music vids of favorite shows and movies).

Any advice is welcome...

I am very sorry to hear this about BF, whether the casino deal was truly their fault or a malfunction of the computer, I hope they find their way back, somehow, and that those let go find good jobs in this trying time our world is in...  <3

Bigfish has never been anything but good to me in the 6 years I have been buying from them - giving me free games when I sent in a question about game, tech, or otherwise... refunding my money when the site charged more than it should after I made a purchase, when I was a member... always responding when I needed it. And let's not forget the free CE games they have been offering during the Covid - a sweet gesture on their part. And of course, the FTP Midnight Castle has been a pleasure to play...

I wish them nothing but the best.

  • Edited September 5, 2020 2:52 pm  by  Honeyphan

I will say "nothing but the best" to the average everyday worker at BF, and, yes, the free games was a generous move ---- but the top decision makers that make the "big bucks" ----- well, you get my meaning.

I have all of my purchased games from Big Fish and other sites on a separate hard drive.

I have tried that and probably don't know exactly how to properly do that ---- kept getting the "blue screen something, something"


From: Honeyphan


Thanks, Tammy!

I'm just not sure how to do it yet - when I install one of my games from the game manager, would looking for the game in File Explorer once that game is installed, then manually transferring it to a different drive work? Is that how to do this??? (Does that make sense?)

I definitely want to transfer those I haven't played yet and my favorites that I have to another drive asap...

ETA- I got an idea - just opened my File Explorer and the area that my game manager is in - which is under "Big Fish Cache". If I move the entire folder to another drive, including the game manager, - then open the game manager - would the games install on that new drive where the game manager is now located? That seems a lot easier and faster than moving each, one game at a time... my sons are not here to ask my tech questions to, lol, so I'm trying to do things hit and miss right  now...

  • Edited September 5, 2020 3:50 pm  by  Honeyphan