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Midnight Castle PC Master List   Player Lists

Started Sep-8 by dustyretired; 525 views.

From: dustyretired



About 2 months ago, my sister mentioned she was moving her MC game over to her pc. In our discussion about what type of game MC was, I wondered why I had not heard of it. I checked it out and started playing.  What a FANTASTIC game.  The art work is absolutely gorgeous. My highest praises to the people involved in this. We both would like to be added to the PC Master List.

Old Dusty Road    870025         Cl angel 865553

I would also like to say Thank You, to the generous friends I have already made. We welcome new friends.

Thanks, dustyretired

Hello and Welcome to the forum.....

If you are looking for new friends you may want to post in this discussion, it is specifically for PC friends............

No apologies necessary, this was the place to post to be added to the Master List.  I just wanted you and your sister to have the best opportunity to gain some new friends so that's why I recommended the other discussion. 

Keep stormin' the castle.................

Gertie (Gertie0513)

From: Gertie (Gertie0513)


Hello and Welcome to All

  I would like to be added to the Master PC list

 WhoMe  506674



From: chilpep


Hi Dusty

Welcome to you and your sister.  I have added both of you to the PC Master List.  Your sister's (CI angel) forum name on that list is N/A, as I assume she does not have a forum name.  If I am incorrect, please let me know.


From: chilpep


Hi Gertie

You were on the PC list, but were minus your game name.  I have updated the list to include it.


From: dustyretired


Thank you Chilpep.  My apologies for not giving you her forum name. Can't reach her at the moment, but I believe it is clangle. Same as her game name, just no space between the cl and angle. Sorry for the extra work on your part.


From: chilpep


Hi dusty

Will change her game name.  Won't add forum name until I can link it on the spreadsheet to her profile.


From: dustyretired


Hello Chilpep,

Above you said you will change her game name. I thought it was her forum name you didn't have?

Game name is Cl angel

Forum name is Clangel

I hope this is what you need or am I misunderstanding something?

Thanks, Dusty