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Alpha Game 153 - Name that Tune   Fun and Games

Started 5/11/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 2444281 views.

Roof Comb (is the structure that tops a pyramid in monumental Mesoamerican architecture. Examination of the sections and iconography of Maya civilization roof-combs indicates that each icon had specific sacred meanings. Typically, the roof combs crowned the summit of pyramids and other structures; they consisted of two pierced framework walls which leaned on one another. This framework was covered by plaster decorated with artist depictions of gods or important rulers)

PTG (anotherPTG)

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Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain

Talud-Tablero  (is an architectural style most commonly used in platforms, temples, and pyramids in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, becoming popular in the Early Classic Period of Teotihuacan. Talud-tablero consists of an inward-sloping surface or panel called the talud, with a panel or structure perpendicular to the ground sitting upon the slope called the tablero. This may also be referred to as the slope-and-panel style)

Break time...............................

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Uppsala Cathedral is a cathedral located between the University Hall of Uppsala University and the Fyris river in the centre of Uppsala, Sweden. A church of the Church of Sweden, the national church, in the Lutheran tradition, Uppsala Cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Uppsala, the primate of Sweden.

Uppsala Cathedral. Catedral de Uppsala

Interior of the Uppsala cathedral largest church in Sweden, Uppsala, Sweden  - License, download or print for £79.84 | Photos | Picfair

Voussoir (is a wedge-shaped element, typically a stone, which is used in building an arch or vault. Although each unit in an arch or vault is a voussoir, two units are of distinct functional importance: the keystone and the springer. The keystone is the centre stone or masonry unit at the apex of an arch. The springer is the lowest voussoir on each side, located where the curve of the arch springs from the vertical support or abutment of the wall or pier)

The basic premise behind the Voussoir Cloud is a compression structure made from lightweight petals of thin wood laminate and modeled after voussoirsthe wedge-shaped bricks or stones used to form compression arches.

Isn't it past your bedtime.............................LOL!

Xpam ?cex pe????? (Russian for The Temple of All Religions. It is a unique architectural complex in the Staroye Arakchino Microdistrict of Kazan, Russia. It consists of several types of religious architecture including an Orthodox church, a mosque, and a synagogue, among others. It is currently under construction since 1992, started by local artist and philanthropist Ildar Khanov (1940 - 2013))

OK when I cut and pasted the Russian name it showed up fine, but when I posted it became all ??????, will try and figure out a way to fix it, in the meantime all you get for now is Xpam.................

Ok, I used my Character Map and found the letters, then put them on a sticky note then cut and paste, as you can see it didn't work, this is the best you get....................


From: LvlSlgr


Don't worry about it. We can see what it's supposed to be from the picture below it.

Ken Yeang - is an architect, ecologist, planner and author from Malaysia, best known for his ecological architecture and ecomasterplans that have a distinctive green aesthetic. He pioneered an ecology-based architecture (since 1971), working on the theory and practice of sustainable design. The Guardian newspaper (2008) named him "one of the 50 people who could save the planet". Yeang's headquarters is in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) as Hamzah & Yeang, with offices in London (UK) as Llewelyn Davies Ken Yeang Ltd. and Beijing (China) as North Hamzah Yeang Architectural and Engineering Company.

National Library of Singapore

Singapore National Library-2009-06-12.jpg

Solaris Tower

Solaris @ One-North.JPG

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Zifeng Tower (is a 450-meter supertall skyscraper in Nanjing, Jiangsu. The 89-story building completed in 2010 comprises retail and office space up to floor 41. Floors 49-71 feature a hotel, numerous restaurants, and a public observatory on the 72 floor. The tower's stepping is functional, helping to separate these sections. The building is currently the tallest in Nanjing and Jiangsu province, the eleventh tallest in China and the twentieth tallest in the world)

Calling it a night.........................