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Alpha Game 162 Trick or Treat   Fun and Games

Started 5/11/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 3689936 views.
Crystal;P (12earth45)

From: Crystal;P (12earth45)



not too good with different trees, but at least I knew this one.deciduous_tree


Msg 368.41 deleted

G is a hard one, isn't it? 

OK, here you go……


Native to the US southeast (deep South)

OK, I is another hard one, so here you go …… my very favorite native tree of the Sonora Desert ……

the Ironwood Tree!

I'll try to post a picture of my baby Ironwood so you can see how nice they are. They are GORGEOUS when they bloom in early summer.  

I've been trying to upload this photo for well over an hour & it still says it's processing.  Sorry guys.  I'll let it keep running in the background just in case it ever finishes.  I've got howling 35 MPH winds here today, plus the solar flare, probably messing up my internet connection.