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Alpha Game 168 Pop Music   Fun and Games

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Eddie Izzard: Dressed To Kill (is a continuation of the British comedian's surrealist, ideas-based comedy. The VHS was recorded during a performance in San Francisco, California, United States. However, the tour was a global one. During this tour Izzard also wrote the book Dress to Kill with David Quantick (photographs by Steve Double), published by Virgin Books in hardback in 1998 and paperback in 2000. Izzard's humor includes observations on the American concept of history, beginning with her quote "I grew up in Europe, where the history comes from" and continuing through diversions about the belief that all Europeans live in castles ("we just long for a bungalow or something") and the attitude of Americans toward historical landmarks. Additionally, Izzard takes time to explain her background as an executive transvestite and how it affected her desire to join the military. This is explained through a proposal for the Army's "first battalion transvestite brigade...with fantastic makeup and a fantastic gun." The centerpiece of the performance is a retelling of British history from Stonehenge through to the Reformation. This is done with Izzard adopting a very Italian accent (and miming riding on a Vespa) to signify the Pope talking to Henry VIII ("who is Sean Connery for this film") and explaining that he can't marry as many wives as he wants to. This is set against the backdrop of Martin Luther pinning his 95 Theses on the door of Wittenberg Cathedral, a paper that reads "Eine Minuten bitte. Ich habe einen kleinen Problemo avec diese Religione." "He was from everywhere," explains Izzard to great cheers from the audience. Similar to her use of Sean Connery as the voice of Henry VIII, she uses the voice of James Mason as the voice of God. Izzard, a self-proclaimed film buff, also describes the plot of The Great Escape in a semi-improvised manner. She is particularly fond of Steve McQueen's role in the film, and goes to great lengths to explain how inaccurate his escape through Central Europe actually is ("within fifteen minutes he's on the borders of Switzerland. This is from Poland! And if you don't know the geography, it goes Poland, Czechoslovakia, Holland, Venezuela, Africa, Beirut, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and then Switzerland."). Diversions are also made in relation to the Heimlich maneuver and the American Dream, while the performance ends with Izzard re-telling the story of how she didn't lose her virginity. An encore is then performed, featuring Izzard delivering the plot of the film Speed in French and explaining how her schoolboy French, ("la souris est sous la table, le chat est sur la chaise, et le singe est sur la branche") serves her in France itself. One of Izzard's most well-known routines was performed during Dress To Kill: a satirical depiction of Church of England fundamentalism, wherein Izzard explains how Church of England fundamentalism would be impossible because people would be shouting out "You must have tea and cake with the vicar or you DIE!" and "CAKE OR DEATH?!" The latter phrase has become so well known that it is now the name of an Eddie Izzard fansite and has inspired a Christian website called Anglican Memes for those who "like gentle fun being poked at the church but are not interested in church-bashing or posting anything offensive.")

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Eddie Izzard "Cake or Death" Sketch From Dress to Kill

Canada! Join Eddie for the Wunderbar Tour starting November 2nd. Tickets are available at Details below:Nov. 2 - Halifax...


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Jimmy Fallon - (born September 19, 1974) is an American television host, comedian, and actor. He is known for his work in television as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and as the host of the late-night talk show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, which he began hosting after Late Night with Jimmy Fallon ended. Fallon grew up with an interest in comedy and music, moving to Los Angeles at 21 to pursue stand-up comedy. He was commissioned to join Saturday Night Live as a cast member in 1998, fulfilling a lifelong dream. He remained on SNL for six years between 1998 and 2004, co-hosting the program's Weekend Update segment and becoming well known in the process. He left the show to star in films such as Taxi (2004) and Fever Pitch (2005). Following his film career, Fallon returned to television as the host of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC in 2009, where he became known for his emphasis on music and video games. He moved from that show to become the sixth permanent host of the long-running Tonight Show in 2014. In addition to his television work, he has released two comedy albums and seven books, mainly aimed at children.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Weekend Update on SNL - Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler

During the pandemic and lockdown The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon was broadcast from his home with his wife doing the filming. He is married to film producer Nancy Juvonen. You got to know a little about his wife and daughters, Winnie and Frannie, and his dog Gary.

Jimmy Fallon's Daughters Are the Real 'Tonight Show' Stars

In these uncertain times, one of our only constants is witnessing Jimmy Fallon's daughters steal the spotlight on The Tonight Show. Winnie and Franny's impec...

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Gag Reel (also called a blooper or outtake reel, is a collection of mistakes and errors made during production of a film or theater production. These reels often contain flubbed lines, actors losing character and laughing, production problems like fires or props falling incorrectly, or practical jokes. Many DVDs now contain a gag reel as an extra feature or Easter egg. Gag reels are often hilarious and an excellent way for audience members to step inside the production process and for production members to relive great moments)

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FRIENDS Best Bloopers & Gag Reel Moments (1994-2004)

Friends Outtakes starring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer...Follows the personal and professional ...

All Avengers(1,2,3,& 4) Hilarious Bloopers and Gag Reel | Avengers: Endgame Included

Please watch: "Hugh Jackman Most Insane Stunts Without A Stunt Double(Part-2) | Performing Stunts On His Own" --~...

I would love to be on the set of an Avenger movie, they look like they're having so much fun................


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Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle - (released in some international markets as Harold & Kumar Get the Munchies) is a 2004 American buddy stoner comedy film directed by Danny Leiner, written by Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, and stars John Cho, Kal Penn, and Neil Patrick Harris. The first installment in the Harold & Kumar franchise, the film follows Harold Lee (Cho) and Kumar Patel (Penn) on their adventure to a White Castle restaurant after smoking marijuana. Hurwitz and Schlossberg developed Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle based on experiences and people from when they attended Randolph High School. The filmmakers received license permission from White Castle in 2002, after also consulting with Krispy Kreme; White Castle also contributed to the film's marketing campaign, releasing tie-in products at their restaurants. The film was theatrically released in the U.S. on July 30, 2004, and received positive critical reception, with praise for the performances of its leads (particularly Harris) and subversion of racial and comedic stereotypes. It was also a commercial success, grossing over $23 million worldwide. 

Comment: I saw this movie for one reason ... White Castle. Here in the Louisville area I grew eating at White Castle off and on. Especially as a teenager late at night when other fast food places had already closed for the night. (For those who don't know, White Castle is known for being open 24/7 every day of the year except for Christmas.) At the time this movie came out, I was living in Richmond, VA and there wasn't a White Castle ANYWHERE. People didn't even know what it was. So every time I made a trip home to Louisville I had to go get my White Castle fix. And oh, I tried the frozen White Castles from the grocery store. You really cannot imagine my shock when I first opened one and there wasn't a pickle on it. WHAT!?!?! It just didn't even begin to compare to the real thing. LOL

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.JPG

Impractical Jokers (is an American hidden camera reality show with improvisational elements. Produced by NorthSouth Productions, Impractical Jokers premiered on truTV on December 15, 2011 starring the members of The Tenderloins: James "Murr" Murray, Brian "Q" Quinn, Sal Vulcano, and Joe Gatto (until his departure following season nine). It also occasionally airs on TBS. Impractical Jokers' ninth season premiered on February 4, 2021. The series has been renewed for a 26-episode tenth season featuring a rotating group of guest comedians instead of Gatto. A feature-length film began production in April 2018 and was theatrically released on February 21, 2020)

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A compilation of impractical jokers.My funniest moments in this 30mins video. Hope you enjoy. Credits:The contents in this video are not of my property. I ha...

A co-worker loves this show, I can walk into any room at work and find this show on a TV when he's working ....................


Calling it a night..........

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Johnny English is a 2003 spy comedy film directed by Peter Howitt and written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and William Davies. It is a British-French venture produced by StudioCanal and Working Title Films, and distributed by Universal Pictures.

Starring Rowan Atkinson in the title role, Natalie Imbruglia, Ben Miller and John Malkovich, it is the first instalment of the Johnny English film series and serves as a parody and homage to the spy genre, mainly the James Bond film series, as well as Atkinson's Mr. Bean character. The character is also related to Atkinson's bumbling spy character from a series of adverts in the United Kingdom for Barclaycard in the 1990s.

Released theatrically in the United States on 18 July 2003, the film met with mixed reviews from critics but was commercially successful and grossed $160 million worldwide against a budget of $40 million

Johnny English movie.jpg

Johnny English Reborn - Wikipedia

The Kentucy Fried Movie (is a 1977 independently made American sketch comedy film, produced by Kim Jorgensen, Larry Kostroff, and Robert K. Weiss, and directed by John Landis. Among the numerous star cameos are George Lazenby, Bill Bixby, Henry Gibson, Barry Dennen, Donald Sutherland, Tony Dow, Stephen Bishop, and the voice of Shadoe Stevens. According to writer David Zucker on the DVD commentary track, David Letterman auditioned for the role of the newscaster, but was not selected. The film also features many former members of The Groundlings and The Second City. The "feature presentation" portion of the film stars Evan C. Kim and hapkido grand master Bong Soo Han. The Kentucky Fried Movie marked the first film appearances of a number of actors who later became famous, and launched the careers of the Zucker brothers, Abrahams and Landis. Landis was recommended to direct National Lampoon's Animal House in 1978 based on his work with The Kentucky Fried Movie. The film's writers were the team of David Zucker, Jim Abrahams and Jerry Zucker, who subsequently wrote and directed Airplane!, Top Secret! and the Police Squad! television series and its film spin-offs, The Naked Gun films)

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Sorry, having issues trying to post some videos, not sure what is going on...........................


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Leave It to Beaver - is an American television sitcom broadcast between 1957 and 1963 about an inquisitive and often naïve boy, Theodore "The Beaver" Cleaver (Jerry Mathers), and his adventures at home, school, and around his suburban neighborhood. The show also starred Barbara Billingsley and Hugh Beaumont as Beaver's parents, June and Ward Cleaver, and Tony Dow as Beaver's brother Wally. The show has attained an iconic status in the United States, with the Cleavers exemplifying the idealized suburban family of the mid-20th century. The show was created by the writers Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher. These veterans of radio and early television found inspiration for the show's characters, plots, and dialogue in the lives, experiences, and conversations of their own children. Leave It to Beaver is one of the first primetime sitcom series written from a child's point of view. Like several television dramas and sitcoms of the late 1950s and early 1960s (Lassie and My Three Sons), Leave It to Beaver is a glimpse of middle-class American boyhood. In a typical episode, Beaver gets into some sort of boyish scrape, then faces his parents for reprimand and correction. Neither parent was omniscient or infallible; the series often showed the parents debating their approach to child rearing, and some episodes were built around parental gaffes. Leave It to Beaver ran for six full 39-week seasons (234 episodes). The series had its debut on CBS on October 4, 1957. The following season, it moved to ABC, where it stayed until completing its run on June 20, 1963.

Leave it to Beaver Intros Mash-up All Six Seasons

Leave it to Beaver ran for six seasons from 1957 (on CBS) through 1963 and had a different intro-opening each season, the last five on ABC featuring the four...


Melbourne International Comedy Festival (is the largest stand-alone comedy festival and the second-largest international comedy festival in the world. Established in 1987, it takes place annually in Melbourne over four weeks, typically starting in March and running through to April. The Melbourne Town Hall has served as the festival hub since the early 1990s, but performances are held in many venues throughout the city. The MICF plays host to hundreds of local and international artists; in 2018 the festival listed over 550 shows, 6,700 performances (including more than 160 free performances) by 3,500 artists. Although it is mainly a vehicle for stand-up and cabaret acts, the festival has also included sketch shows, plays, improvisational theatre, debates, musical shows and art exhibitions. The televised Gala is one of the festival's flagship event, showcasing short performances from many headline and award-winning comics. Other popular events include The Great Debate, a televised comedy debate, the Opening Night Super Show, and Upfront, a night of performances exclusively featuring female comedians. The Festival also produces three flagship development programs: Raw Comedy, Australia's biggest open mic competition; Class Clowns, a national comedy competition for high school students; and Deadly Funny, an Indigenous comedy competition that celebrates the unique humor of Indigenous Australians. The Festival also undertakes an annual national roadshow, showcasing festival highlights in regional towns across Australia)

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Melbourne Comedy Festival

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Returns | 10 News First

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is returning to stages across the city after two years of grappling with lockdowns.Subscribe to 10 News First to ...

Calling it a night......................................

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Sir Norman Joseph Wisdom, OBE was an English actor, comedian, musician and singer best known for a series of comedy films produced between 1953 and 1966 featuring his hapless onscreen character that was often called Norman Pitkin

Norman Wisdom - British Comedy Guide