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Update   Technical Issues

Started Sep-20 by Linlou; 795 views.

From: Linlou


I was in the game foe quite a long time and did not receive a notice of an update. Did the update for iPad to ios14, went back into game and got all the weird graphics. Closed apps and shut off iPad but no improvement. Anyone have any suggestions foe someone not real techy to maybe help fix this? I don’t see there is an update available on the app page. I sent a notice to Big Fish. Should I send something to anyone else. Thank you for your help.

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From: AEGram


Linlou said:

I don’t see there is an update available on the app page.

When an update doesn't show up in App Store section (clicking on the person in the upper right corner). Swipe down on the screen several times to get the page to reload. 

That generally causes the update to present.

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From: CindyK65


I don’t see an update unless I search for Midnight Castle and then open the app like I want to see the reviews or info about the app. See if that will work. CindyK