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Advancing levels past level 100   Technical Issues

Started Sep-28 by THEdella; 2768 views.

From: THEdella


I see that other players are at level above 100., usually level 102...  I cannot get past 100. Prof  has not given me any challenges other than the Forest Witch who tells me to wait for next update.  Am I missing something here?  I've been playing this game for YEARS, but have missed something.  I recently lost my game and re-installed it via a backup copy, could that be the problem?  Please help me if you have any idea what happened or what I need to do.   I have went thru the download cue, etc., with no avail...

If you're on PC then have you checked your Game Manager, you may have to check for the update manually.


From: THEdella


yes, I've done all that.  No new quests from Prof.  Last quest from him was 10/12 of the Forest Witch, who says to wait for update.  Thanks for your reply, guess I'll have to wait on EG?  I don't know of any other way to get an update.  Would it have had anything to do with my "restoring" my game from a previous backup?

I'm holding myself at Level 80 so I can't tell you from experience what to do next.  I got this from AEGram's MC Guide:

Pinfeathers - Morisa the Forest Witch (12 tasks) 
Morisa - Look in Station Clock & Check Paper Lantern
Morisa - Search Reconstruction Site & Visit Blacksmith
Morisa - Go to Source Torch & Visit Train Cabin
Morisa - Search Jeweler's Workshop & Look in Mailbox
Morisa - Go to Confessional & Check Broken Statue
Morisa - True Valkyrie's Diadem (5300) & Visit Tree of Knowledge
Morisa - Check Time Keeper & Look at Bag
Morisa - Go to Crocodile Bush & Tidy up Binding Egg
Morisa - Search Mirror Nave & Visit Skulls
Morisa - Visit Ice Monster & Go see Armored Bear
Morisa - Valeria's Travel Diary (no coin) & Visit Drunken Skeleton -- First task of new content update
Morisa - Find something in Broken Well & Look in Broken Carriage 

I'm going to include Dhyani in this message to see if she can answer your question regarding the issue of using a backup and that's why you can't continue in the game.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.....................

Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


Hmmm . . . after the initial New Content update a week or so? ago, did you open the Gear in the upper Right corner and Downoad Full Content?  Give that a try.

From my experience, playing from a self-Restored game SHOULDN'T be the issue . . .

Hope this helps!

XXOO ~ Dhyani boom

CC to THEdella

From: TinyFaerie


I had to do that Dhyani.


From: THEdella


I did try the "download full content"  and I get nothing new.  I did notice on someone's post the the current content was, and mine shows   Also the server|prod is (not sure what that is.)  The Client shows  

To reach my "next goal" it shows I still need 2 music notes.  My progress to next level shows 1,734/8,000

At this point, should I just reach out to EG and give them this info?  Thanks to all who have responded to my problem.

OK, you are missing the latest content.  Here are the numbers I have.......content number ends in 2196 and the PROD and client numbers end in 2195.


From: LvlSlgr


My numbers match what Tammy has. I'm not holding at a lower level like Tammy is but I'm taking it slow and I'm only at level 100. However, earlier to day I did have to "download the full content" so that I could continue with the latest update.

CC to THEdella
  • Edited September 29, 2020 10:10 pm  by  LvlSlgr

From: THEdella


Thank you all for your feedback on this issue.  Guess my next step is to contact EG to see if they can help.  I'm just playing over and over to build inventory, etc.  I'm SO addicted to this game!  I have lots of other games to play, but this is my favorite.  All of the folks here in the forum are so helpful, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help!