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HELP!! Hawk took my game!   Technical Issues

Started Oct-16 by JaneBond1; 2469 views.

From: JaneBond1


Last night Hawk was requesting to become a friend on my KODI #875638 game. He has been a friend on my JaneBond1game for ages. As I received him the game did an update all on it's own. I don't think I was suppose to get this update. When it was done (maybe a minute later) KODI was gone and Hawk was there on my KODI game!   The changes are:

Hawks face is my avatar.  

His coin & gems are posting

His game level is posting.

My CC level is back to the fortune wheel day. (I had reached the first avatar in the CC)

My friends are still there

What do I do to get my KODI back? This is just way too close to the FE to be having these issues. Please understand I use my PC like a light switch. I flip it on & off. HOW it does what it does is a complete mystery to me.

JaneBond1 #811508 PC

So sorry this happened to you.  No one knows how this "hijacking" of games occurs but it isn't the fault of either player involved.  Their have been several players that this has happened to and I'm going to included one in this post so that she may provide some advice to you. 

Your best best is to contact Big Fish or Elephant Games and let them know what happened. You'll find links to them here:

CC to LvlSlgr

From: LvlSlgr


Hi Jane, I'm one of Kodi's friends and was wondering why I didn't see that name in my friends.

The same thing happened to me in March 2019. However, I didn't accept the friend invitation and my game didn't go through an update. I just opened my game and noticed I had an invitation from "Mom" and then I noticed my name was "Mom" and everything else was for this player called "Mom" ... except the player ID was still mine.

As Tammy said, it isn't the fault of either player involved. I just checked my game again and saw the player you're talking about - Hawk. It just happens that Hawk is another one of my friends and I've never had any problems.

I pulled up my old emails with BigFish to refresh my memory and the outcome was pretty much what I remembered. There wasn't much they could do to help me.

I keep a daily total on some things such as coins, diamonds, energy, etc. and they reimbursed those. I also had a total of things such as crafted items and eggs (but probably a week or two old) and they reimbursed some of those. They were also able to put me back at the correct level which was the highest one at that time.

My problem was that I was much farther along in the game than what "Mom" was and so I really lost a lot of achievements, avatars, etc. I also lost all of the furniture I had purchased in my private rooms and we all know those take a lot of coins and magic shards. I went through and each room and came up with a total of what I needed to get those again and they gave it to me.

I also contacted Elephant Games when BigFish said they couldn't restore my avatars. They responded once and never did anything for me. I contacted them at least 3 more times but didn't get another response.

After this happened to me I started do a weekly backup of my game so that hopefully if something happens again that might be helpful in restoring my game. Unfortunately, this past April one day when I opened my game it had reset back to the beginning. Everything was as if I had just started a brand new game but with my old ID number. I tried using my backup and it didn't work. I contacted Dhyani (our resident expert in the forum) and we spent about 3 hours on the phone one night trying to restore my game. Nothing. But at least I have a backup which will work whenever I have to get a new PC and transfer the game ... without the help of BigFish.

I'm sorry if everything I've told you is a bad news, but I'm trying to be honest with you. And believe me I know exactly how you feel and hope you have better luck than I did. What you're able to get back after contacting BigFish will depend a lot on the CS rep you're working with. When I contacted BigFish with the second snafu, they restored my level, coins, diamonds, etc., but I had zero inventory, no achievements done, and basically had to start over again. But one thing ... that person was able to restore ALL of my avatars. Even the ones that hadn't been restored from the earlier problem. If it hadn't been for that I would have quit playing completely.

Good luck!


From: Honeyphan


Jane - I am so sorry this happened to you! I did notice KODI missing and Hawk now in its place. I can offer no advice, since I am still green in so much of MC's tech stuff - but I wanted to offer encouragement anyway.

I do have a question for those who might know - does this mean Hawk is now KODI? If I gift Hawk, will KODI (Jane) receive the gift to help her? Or should I not gift Hawk at all until this is cleared up? Should I remove Hawk from my friends list? Is there a potential danger involved with that wish list card?

I hope you get this all cleared up soon, Jane!

After reading your post, I'm going to get more active in taking screenshots of my inventory, etc...


From: dustyretired


I  have Kodi as a friend. I play as Old Dusty Road. I just opened my game after reading the posts about Hawk. My friends still shows Kodi, 875638 level 102. I was expecting to see Hawk, from the posts I had just read. But on my game you are still listed as Kodi. Not sure what all this means. Hope you get everything worked out.



From: JaneBond1


Well,  I put the name Kodi back in so you all would know. And I changed the avatar to one I had used before so it would look familiar to everyone. I have put a message in to Big Fish to try to restore my game. Kodi is only on level 23...not 102. I'm thinking of pausing my game until they fix it because everything I get from friends would be lost after BFG restores my losses. I will keep everyone up to date as things happen. Please stay with me.


From: Honeyphan


I'm here. I'm staying. Don't know how this all works either - or how something like that could happen - but I just looked in and saw the changes you made. So I know it's really you. :)

Will look forward to your updates.


From: LvlSlgr


Honeyphan said:

does this mean Hawk is now KODI?

No, Hawk isn't even aware anything has happened unless he/she has been in the forum and read this.

I also have the real Hawk as a friend and he is still there with his valid ID number (***736). I noticed Jane has changed the name back to Kodi (***638) with a short message about being out.


From: BrenHawk


Hawk here. Oddly enough, I came to the forum today to ask why I seemed to have two identities. I found out about this because in addition to Hawk ***736 (which is on my laptop) I play as Brendan ***683 on my desktop, and yesterday morning when I was playing on my desktop I saw that Brendan had two Hawks on his friends list. I hadn't noticed that Kodi was missing, because I had just sent an invitation a few days ago (I had also done so as Hawk, as well as verifying that I already had JaneBond1 as a friend). When I played as Hawk last night I did verify that the ID code I was playing as was correct.  Unfortunately, I don't keep a written record of who I get gifts from, so I can't address the issue of whether Hawk is getting gifts that were meant for Kodi.

I have no idea how this could have happened, but if there is anything I can do to help clear this up, let me know.


From: mdpetdoc


The gifts will go to the ID number regardless of the name. I suspect (but can't prove) that one of the best ways to protect your game is to change your private room regularly. Every time you change your private room, the game server must make a save of your game.  If the private rooms are glitchy, exit the game and wait as long as it takes to close.

CC to JaneBond1