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Android MC event   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started 10/20/20 by SpreeBeans12; 454 views.

From: SpreeBeans12


Hi spreebeans12 here!!

I finally got my android phone to do an update so I can start the event with 12 days left! now I am stuck on the gold chests day. I have fed my animals for 4 days now and they absolutely will not produce a gold chest. they have the ability to do so, they just wont! i am out of food and struggling and the next day is silver chests!! any advice??


ID a1312493 Sabrina


From: Susanna502MC


I have found that the game gives you what you need to level up. If you have a character quest with items you need, you are more likely to get a gold or silver chest. Try to use a pet with at least 50% chance of gold and 0 or very low chance of iron or wood. My favorites are the Clever Monkey, Stargazer Bunny, Snowy Owl, and Christmas Turkey.