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Get 30 Pet Medallions    Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Oct-23 by Katijay (Katijay46); 754 views.
Katijay (Katijay46)

From: Katijay (Katijay46)


There is no time limit so you can get pet medallions by working the DQ's, you can also get pet medallions by feeding pets...if you have very few or none you can buy them with diamonds...some people sell off their medallions so they can do this... 


From: kthreads


It seems like whenever I need pet medallions from pets that normally give me wood or iron chests, they suddenly start dropping silver/gold. rage

I have the list of daily quests, and what you get for each completed task. Hopefully I'll get one or two that give out 2 or 3 pet medallions for each completed task. I'll use one of my amulets to stop HOS cool-down time if I have to on daily quests requiring 3 times into everywhere. It's the sending multiple airships that is the killer on the 10 part daily quests.

PC: Janet / Isadora

Android: Jdmorgan/ jd / Janni


From: Honeyphan


lol - that happens to me too! All the time. Suddenly my wood and iron bearing friends wish to bring me gold and silver.... at least the winged cat only brings iron or wood, though pet medallions aren't always in the iron ones...

Good idea on the amulets - I plan to do the same.

And I dread getting an airship one, though I do have a Trina quest waiting with an airship requirement, but with the airship CC coming up for sending two out am trying not to do those unless absolutely necessary...

Man, I hope the fall event starts soon - I need those HOS to replenish my stores! lol

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Katijay (Katijay46)

From: Katijay (Katijay46)


This is really bad for both my games...both games got DQs with air shipments, went through all iron & wooden chest pets lower game got to 15 upper game only 9 medallions will hope for a better DQ tomorrow...  

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From: Moonki


I hit a 10 part DQ - I sent an airship, but to pars later it wanted a second airship! I spent a ton of pet food -like those above, suddenly I was getting silver and gold chests far more often than wood, and some of the wood did’t give medallions, just coins. However, at last I made it. For the next 2 days I’ll open HOSes to try to build up my airship inventory. I hopefully have enough diamonds to fill in for missing items.

Good luck to all - I found this the hardest challenge yet, Moonki

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From: Honeyphan


Of the three I sent - that are iron/wood only or most - only one chest had one medallion. (seriously??!) - 2 iron, 1 wood.

So I sent the spring kitty, since she doesn't require much to feed and I had a good amount of that food - in a place that is not a "tell" and not going by her quirk to click on at that time - she brought back wood and 3 medallions! lol

The rest I opened an amulet and did 2 and a half DQs in a row, thankfully only needing to send 1 airship, which I matched with a Trina quest. Though I did have to feed quite a few more pets, from which I got silver and gold and another iron - without medallions.

You're right, Moonki- this was a hard one!

But it looks like easy sailing from here on out. :)

The best to all - hope everyone makes the challenge and gets the avatar they chose!

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From: Tannie2018


When I realized this was going to take tons of pet food, I decided to take the easy way out and craft pet food to deplete my stash, and then just use diamonds to buy the medallions.