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If You're New to Seasonal Events   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 4/17/18 by LadyAstra; 15961 views.
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From: LadyAstra



      This thread has been updated to reflect the addition of the new Fall Room.  I have also added some notes in the "Seasonal Room Friends" section; one to warn players about the "Private Room not displaying" glitch and to offer the usual solution about changing something in it, and one to discuss the problem of room switching.

      Staff, I'd like to display a post with a link to this thread in the Welcome folder for a few days, as I think we have some new folks for this event.  If you don't feel it would be appropriate, I understand.



From: TinyFaerie


Go Ahead and post in the welcome folder and I will leave it there for a bit.


From: LadyAstra



     Thank you, TF!


Dudette (Dudette1st)

From: Dudette (Dudette1st)


Thanks bunches for all the seasonal play info, but I am still very confused about the 2 Halloween rooms. I was hoping to switch back and forth every 24 hours so my friends have access to both rooms. How do I know if my room isn't showing up for people? Should I just change something before I log out for the day just to be sure?

Also, concerning the ghosts, while my book is far from full, I already have doubles and triples of the same ghost. Is there a purpose for these extras? I sure hope so because I have run out of traps and it seems a shame that I "wasted" my trap inventory. I'm a relative newbie (level 26) and don't seem to ever have enough of anything.

In stating that, I must thank you and all friended castle dwellers for their generosity and kindness. Without the help from you and my friends, the game would've moved way too slow to keep my interest. I am having an absolute GREAT time neglecting my regular life to play this game! And now with this Halloween twist,'s a good thing I live alone, lol. My poor dog has taken to sleeping a LOT! 

Dudette 829320


From: LadyAstra



      You are quite welcome!  The seasonal events keep getting bigger, and for very new players who happen to join right before the event and are still learning the basic ropes, they can be overwhelming, so I'm happy to help!

     There is no way to tell "in-game" if your room is not showing up.  Sometimes people will be able to add it to their names to alert their friends, something like DudetteRmNoShow.  If both you and your friend are members of the forum, then of course, they'll just contact you here.  Barring either of those situations, it's a good idea to purchase at least two cheap items of furniture (like the ghost albums) for every room.  The first time that you open or re-open a room, switch those items around just to be safe.  This only applies the first time you open a room for a season; after that it seems to work just fine.  Since you're planning to display both Fall Rooms, I'd do it once for each the first time you display them.

      As to the duplicate ghosts, there is unfortunately no use for them.  As far as we can tell, there are two randomization processes going on there; when you go to a room, you are randomly given one of the 12 sets available.  If you click on the ghost, it then randomly selects one of the nine designs for that set.  It has nothing to do with how many you've already collected of that option, so all you can do is "waste traps" until your lucky number comes up.  As I said in the thread, some people complete all the new ghosts within the first couple of hours, and some spend hundreds of traps and still end up missing one.  For me, I usually complete one set fairly quickly (I've already finished the Night Bats), need four or five days to complete the second set, and take about two to two and a half weeks to get the last one of the last set.  It's all normal for this game!


Dudette (Dudette1st)

From: Dudette (Dudette1st)


Astra...Thank you! You are such a lady! A Castle encyclopedia and wow, am I grateful!

I finally figured out how to see if someone answered my posts, lol. I am woefully unskilled on social media.  I would like you and the Castle community to know that I am having a great time playing and can't wait to be in the 93 club of wise wizards someday. 



From: SirePeteS


Thank you for this wonderful and clear detail. I am new-new to  MC. Started during the Anniversary. Didn't know anything about the entire MC game so I thought I was seeing the 'normal' until it stopped! Fortunate for me there were several who sensed my confusion They hoped in to help & be support. Now this new [next] season has started. Was quite overwhelming. I believe I now have a better understanding and idea how to be a Community-Partner.



From: Honeyphan


Thank you for this wonderful info! :)

I have a question - (and I hope this is the right thread)...

What exactly is the anniversary room and when can the HOS in there be opened?

I opened the room, but got a message that the HOS isn't available yet - is the anniversary room seasonal, and will it again open at a specific time??

Also- you mention not changing the seasonal room, so everyone has a chance, but what about switching back and forth between rooms - of that same season?  (Like 2 spring rooms with HOS - is that also not wise to do? I thought I might open both and go back and forth, but is that not recommended?

Also, is there a list somewhere of what I should stock pile up on or prepare for, to get ready for the spring seasonal event? (i.e.- mega coins) -I noticed in the Christmas seasonal event some people here were talking about Christmas wands and how they should stock up on them all through the year to be ready and have a good supply - are these the wands in the HOS or are they different?

Thanks again! :)

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Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


the Anniversary room has introduced in mid 2019 for the five year Anniversary of MC. No one knows if it will open again this year.  The spring event uses carrots instead of wands, you can put them on your with list to start a collecting. You will want extra time to play. I have multiple games so I will set one to spring room 1 and the other to 2. They are both set right know to 2.


From: LadyAstra



     The Christmas Wands are not the same as the regular HOS drops.  Those Wands are "hints", like the Crystal Ball and the Lightning Flash. If you haven't experimented with those yet, the HOS Wands find one item in the HOSs for you, the Crystal Balls highlight six items, and the Lightning Flash turn a Mirrored, Silhouetted or Night Mode room back to normal.  In the Castle Challenge, you will see a day where we have to use some amount of hints to complete HOSs.  Those can all be used for that purpose.

      As for the room switching, my comment meant that you should not turn off the seasonal event room before the end of the event.  In the past, some people would switch their room back to either the "regular" plain room or to the next seasonal room as soon as they no longer needed it for their own games.  This, of course, deprived their friends of whatever goodies that room offered or of the ability to complete achievements.

      There are various arguments for and against switching back and forth between the different seasonal event rooms for the same season.  It's not a big deal during the Winter Event, as the original Winter Room 1 has no HOS.  Fall and Spring, however, pose difficulties.  Spring can be especially problematic, as (at least last year) some items dropped from Spring Room 1's HOS that didn't drop from Spring Room 2's HOSs, and vice versa.  However, three HOSs obviously means more coins.  Perhaps that will change this year.  

     In any case, choose the system that works for you.  You may have friends requesting (and occasionally demanding) that you do one or the other to accommodate their need for items or coins.  Some people come up with elaborate systems for switching, but some don't have the time or don't play as often.  Some take on dozens of friends for the purpose.  Do only what you can handle,  Remember, these achievements and pets and avatars and spirits were added two or three at a time over the years.  Us veterans were able to accomplish and acquire them slowly.  You don't have to run yourself ragged trying to do them all in one year.  The "spirit" collecting and the Spring Hunt achievement (completing 1000 Spring Room HOSs) are particularly time-consuming, especially if they add more spirits this year.  You will also need to decide where to allocate your items, as some drop only from the HOSs and some from the Daily Quests, and you may run low on them.

       As for preparation, one thing you could do is complete Trina's quests for Golden Keys to make sure that both Spring Room 1 and 2 are open and ready to go.  You don't have to decorate them to participate in the event, but you may want to open the spirit collection books so you can view your collections.  Also, as Robert said, you could put Carrots on your Wish List.  Carrots will be used to capture the Spring "spirits" for the Easter Bunny.  If you have a favorite Spring pet in mind, you might also start gathering the items required to craft it.  Other than coins and stamps, these will also have to come from friends, and so it will depend on what your friends have available from last year.  You could also contact the Consortium to get a head start.

      Hope this helps!