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Old Campaign   Technical Issues

Started Oct-29 by Lobosan; 444 views.

From: Lobosan



I don't think this is a technical issue, but how do I revive my old MC game.  Played as Lobosan (lobosan) and ID 286490.

I started a new campaign two days ago, but I really wish to get back to my 100+ level.

Thank you and kind regards,

Thomas (aka Lobosan)


From: Susanna502MC


If what you mean is you want your old game on a new device, then that may be possible. It used to be that transferring a game had to be to the same platform - android to android, pc to pc, iOS to iOS. NOT android to pc, etc. I have heard that cross platform transfers are now possible, but I don't have any info.

To transfer a game you just send a message to Big Fish saying you want to move a game from device with old ID to device with new ID. I have done that with no problems, but at the moment there are serious delays at Big Fish. Some people have sent their request to Elephant Games.

Hope this helps.