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Missing side quests/New Puzzles   Technical Issues

Started Oct-31 by Howdah (smitcheltree); 506 views.

I have hit the wall again, finally. I played the last few levels slowly so I could get some achievements I had lost when my game was lost about a year ago. I have finally reached the end of the content, but the side quests are missing. I have made the rounds clicking on all the minor characters and nothing. Any suggestions? 

Also, one of my friends posted in her headline that there were new puzzles. This was about a week or so ago. I have looked for new puzzles and can't find them. I don't know if maybe she just discovered the ones of Lillith and Shadow and the klutzy witch. I still have not completed all the puzzles yet, still have about 8 to go, but have enough to work to get crafting items. 

OK, I have both of those puzzles. I guess my friend just noticed them and commented. I am glad to know that I am not alone in not getting the side quests, but I would like them to come back. I like to have Trina ready to send airships when they are needed for a DQ or CC so I am killing 2 (or sometimes even 3) birds with one stone, so I use the side quests as you always get the objects needed for their  ZZs.

Thank you for providing the answers. I really did try to look to see if they were already answered here but have problems finding stuff in this forum. 


You're welcome, happy to help!!