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Please wait!!!!!   Technical Issues

Started Nov-4 by crownthornes; 4632 views.

From: P1tbull


i'm still getting this and I'm  on a brand new laptop. Just managed to do my own room and Johns but upon exiting his room it locked up and I had to close the game to get out of it. 


From: LvlSlgr


P1tbull said:

i'm still getting this and I'm  on a brand new laptop.

Really!!! I got a new laptop a little over 3 weeks ago and haven't had that problem since moving the game to the new laptop.

I also transferred my game a couple of weeks ago to a new computer (the computer I had my MC on was only 2 yrs old, but the "Please wait.." was getting beyond ridiculous during this event) but unlike LvlSlgr I still occasionally get the "Please wait..", just not as often. 

Katijay (Katijay46)

From: Katijay (Katijay46)


Sometimes..(not always)...if you skip doing John's room you can play more rooms, before "please wait" comes up...the other things that seems to work for me (sometimes)...I go to the end of my friends rooms and work backwards...I think a lot depends also on when you play although I know we have people playing all over the world...I have had better luck at different times of the day...doesn't seem to be any set pattern...

I don't get the please wait all that often, but I find I do get it if I go too fast after finishing the scene and try to move on before everything has finished computer, if that makes sense.  

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From: P1tbull


Thanks everyone, will try different things and see what happens. Have to say, I am kind of glad the event is over. I did notice my game locked up when gifting yesterday. It's rather frustrating to say the least lol