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Who has 10 million in coin?   Achievements and Musings

Started 4/17/18 by AEGram; 150871 views.

From: bajon


Do you play on iPad? If so I could use an ice breath friend.

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


Sorry - on an old PC only!

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From: AEGram


Changes have been posted to the lists......again......wahoo!

misstracy22 has been moved from the list on post #2 (at 6 million) to the list on post #1 (at 10 million)

From the Calling all Millionaires! thread:

butch53 has been added to the list on post #2 with 6 million

jack7242 has been added to the list on post #2 with 8 million

Congratulations to all.....and welcome, butch53 and jack7242 to our thread!!!!

Alison (a1311369)

From: Alison (a1311369)


Newby question from someone who has less than 6,000 coins.....HOW do you accumulate so many coins?!?!


Most will say...… the rounds, do the round, do the rounds.

But also, during the events play your friends private rooms for the extra coin.  Yes, it gets tedious but the game ain't cheap......LOL!!  So add as many friends as you think you can handle (the best is to get Event Friends, who don't want or require gifting) and play the rooms, play the rooms, play the rooms.

Oodie (Oodeveer)

From: Oodie (Oodeveer)


Congratulations every one! All that hard work is paying off!


From: AEGram


a1311369 said:

Newby question from someone who has less than 6,000 coins.....HOW do you accumulate so many coins?!?!

When I first reached "content end" I had less than 10,000 coins in my bank. (That current max level was Level 53, and I reached it on January 4, 2015.) At that time, there were no puzzles, no items from pet chests, no private HOSs that yielded 250 coins when maxed out, Basically, the only way to get coins was to play the rooms. I continued to play as much daily as I could to gather coins. 

With each update, I went down, but because the updates are roughly 3 months apart, I was always a little more "healthy" at the end of the update.

So, I gradually built up my coins. I reached 6 million in coins by December 18, 2015 just by playing the rounds. By January 23, 2016, I was at 7 million. Boring, yes, but I was also building my inventory to play the DQs --- until we got the mandatory update in March 2016 that gave us 15 coins or a shard instead of an inventory item. 

So, basically, most of us who have multi-millions get there by continuing to play between the updates. Now that the private rooms have HOSs that yield 250 coins when maxed, it's quite easy to get several million in coin during one event:

Example: Spring 2 has 3 HOSs that will give you 250 coins when maxed.....The events generally run for 40 days, but let's just use 30 days for a nice round number. Let's say you have 50 friends who are displaying that room....... 50 friends x 3 = 150 rooms a day...... 150 rooms x 250 = 37,500 coins a DAY......

30 days at 37,500 = 1,125,000 coins.......................more friends displaying the rooms and adding in the additional days of the event will only get you additional coins.

When you reach max content, it's easy to gain coinage because you get to keep what you earn rather than constantly be crafting items for characters and opening new areas, HOSs, and ZZs.

Hope this helps. .....................PS, I now have over 30,000,000 coins (and yes, that's over 30 million)

Alison (a1311369)

From: Alison (a1311369)


Thanks for all that! I look forward to accumulating coins during the next special event.  I've been playing without friends except JustJohn until very recently.  I guess we really do need a little help from our friends every once in a while. 


From: AEGram


And now for a giggle .......when JustJohn was introduced in my game, I was totally clueless. AND, I was outraged that someone on a much higher level than I was actually asking for some of the things that were on that wish list. .............I even tried to delete him (several times) because I could play the game without interacting with others. While I could ask for things, I could always get them myself, so I saw no need.

However, when scanning through the achievements, I noticed the Friend the way, the final requirement at that time was to help friends 500 times. It was changed to 60 in November 2016.

So, then, I realized that I needed friends to get the achievement, but I had no knowledge of the forums and I wondered how people were supposed to "find" friends to invite. ...............At that time, the tournaments were still running, so I copied down some of the names e.x.a.c.t.l.y as they were on the tournament list and sent out many, many, many invites................I must have sent out at least 100 of them and only 5 people accepted my invite. 

So, over the next few months, I sent each of them a gift a day (that was also when we could only gift 5 friends a day)......500 people divided by 5 = 100 gifts a person; 100 days of gifting........and I'll also tell you that only one of them ever sent me a return gift, and that friend only the one time. 

I was at level 33 or 35 when I searched the Internet for a question regarding MC and found the Big Fish MC Forum.

So........for all I've learned in the game, there were few starting out that were as clueless as I was!

Sayre (sayre00)

From: Sayre (sayre00)


Hi Bajon, I play on iPad and also need ice breaths.  Are you still interested?