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Unusual Friend Request   Friends

Started Nov-15 by LadyAstra; 1142 views.

From: LadyAstra



     Does anyone happen to know a Level 91 player named Mafs, currently displaying the Florist avatar?  I just received an unsolicited friend request from him/her.  Normally, I just accept unsolicited friend requests with no issue, but this one caught me off guard because he or she has a four-digit ID number.  Not only that, but it's a low four-digit ID, well below 1,500.  That would put them back in beta testing territory; or very early 2014 at the latest.

      Anyway, it caught me so off guard that I thought I'd ask before accepting, in case it was a glitched number or player or something.



  • Edited November 15, 2020 9:06 pm  by  LadyAstra

I don't know that player but I do have a friend with a four digit number, at one stage I had one with 3 digits.  My original game has 5 digits but that is from Jan 2014, so I agree your requestee (for want of a better word) must have been an early player or tester.  Good Luck, hope someone knows them and can help you.  I vaguely recall seeing that name somewhere but it may have been on the old forum.


From: LvlSlgr


I have a reliable friend who has a game ID# even lower than 1500.


From: carmen1539


Hi LadyAstra.   My avatar name is Carmen and I also play on a PC.  It was really strange that tonight when I logged in to play my game, I also had a friend request for a person named Mafs. I usually always accept new friends and when I accepted the request I also noticed that he or she had a four-digit ID number.  I immediately unfriended this person because all of my friends have six digit numbers.  I have played this game for a lot of years and now is not the time I want to have anything or anyone disrupting my game.  I enjoy this game immensely and love gifting my friends every day.  Until I hear otherwise I am not accepting friends with a low ID digit number.  Just to be safe instead of sorry. I think you are doing the right thing to ask before accepting.  As for me I am so quick to accept that I was not thinking until I noticed the 4 digits.  Hope you stay safe and happy gaming.



From: Hirento


I too got a friend request from this player, which I accepted as I do most friend requests. I have received a gift from them and have no problems whatsoever.  kissing_heart

I don't think there is any reason to be afraid, there isn't anything a "friend" can do to muck up your game. It's all on Elephant Games or Big Fish.

I was thinking this is someone who have either returned to the game after an absence and need new friends, or someone who have a restored game.

  • Edited November 16, 2020 11:07 am  by  Hirento

From: LadyAstra



      Yeah, there aren't a lot of players still around from that era, which is why it caught me off guard.  I haven't seen a 4 digit ID in forever.  Like you, I'm guessing this person took a LONG hiatus or got restored, especially since they're only Level 91 (or maybe they level up like me, which is to stay barely at all).

       It's a shame that accepting new friends can occasionally be one of the things that causes the "hijacking" glitch, but then, normal event/update transitions also seem to cause it, as do server updates, and even doing nothing at all!  One of the risks of playing the game.  I'll go ahead and accept the request.




From: SharpEye1


Hi Lady Astra,  I also have a long-time friend (been with me 4+ years now) with an extremely low 4-digit ID.  They have been playing MC since its inception.  So, I think you're ok to accept Mafs, IMHO.  heart_eyes



From: marbur220


I normally accept all invitations but I just got one from a mammaD with a 5 digit id, who is at level 99 but is not on the iOS master list.  Since there have been issues recently, I am trying to be more diligent when I see something curious.  Does anyone have this person on their friends list?

Thanks for your assistance!


From: Merry1043


I installed game on another pc but decided to restore my game from a backup Merry.  I could not download game and have waited on elephant games and big fish to fi it so I removed it and put in another computer.  Sorry for all the confusion


From: BrenHawk


I also received a friend request from mafs, which I accepted as I generally do all friend requests. I had noted the low ID and level of 91, but figured it must be someone who either took a break or hasn't been leveling up for some reason. I did get a gift from mafs today, and gifted back (can't remember what was on the gift list) and saw that mafs had a current Halloween room.