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MC on Kindle - not saving   Technical Issues

Started Nov-22 by Gardenbird; 222 views.

From: Gardenbird


Hi All

I am wondering if anyone else has the same problem as I have been experiencing since the September update.

My game wasn't always saving. I would play for an hour, come out . Go back to play again later, only to find, that everything I had done in that hour had been lost.    It wasn't every time, but it did happen a lot.   I tried all sorts of things to try and force it to save before I came out, but all to no avail.  After the last update, I thought things might have been fixed, but no and the only advice I had from Elephant was to reinstall the game.   .  I didn't really want to do that, so I started experimenting to see what was running when the game didn't save.    There is an app on my Kindle Fire that is just called 'Kindle' and this was always running when MC didn't save.     I deleted it.  END of problem.   Only trouble is that it reinstalls itself every night, so every morning I have to go in and delete it again. .  Anyway if anyone else has been experiencing a not saving problem on a Kindle, this could be the same problem as I have got.  I have now told BF and Elephant what the problem is for me, but not yet had a response. 


Myelle (Myelle01)

From: Myelle (Myelle01)


Hi Gardenbird

I had that problem of not saving from the beginning of playing MC. I found that I had to do a forced stop of the game.

You need to go to Settings, App Management, Midnight Castle then tap on Force Stop. Select yes when you get the question message. You should stop loosing progress doing this. It is easier than going in circles deleting a program everyday.

That Kindle program running is the reader program. It keeps up to date on your ebooks.


From: Gardenbird


Thank you for that.  I'll try it.  Does it fix it for good?

I woke up early this morning and played for 2 hours. and then just as I was going to close it, it crashed.

Reading the forum and all the technical issues that players get, I wish Elephant Games would concentrate on making MC more stable rather than just doing the wonderful graphics.   A save button would be useful.  That way players could save every now and  then as they are playing, and if it did crash then you wouldn't lose so much.  I think an update including useful features to make playing easier without all the glitches would be great.