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The nostalgia   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Nov-24 by butch53; 4503 views.

From: butch53


While waiting for a "fix" to the summer glitch of 2020, I decided to upgrade to the latest ipad (mini 2 to mini 5), and decided to start a fresh game on the old beast (still works great, and since in a case, not a nick on it).  It has been a trip down memory lane.  I first started the game at least 6 years ago (I have played 167 days, 4 hours, and have visited 121 thousand HOS, and collected 49 thousand flowers).  What I noticed is that the morphing objects do not count as flowers, so we probably can double that number. 

The interesting thing I have noticed (and remembered) is the changes to the HOS that happen in the castle at level 25 and above (when the mystery chamber is activated, and Uncle makes the final wish).  The first to change is the Fairy Sculpture changes into the Elifish Bas-Relief, then the dead ambassador changes into the Door Cache.  The mirrors change into the Mirror Nave (which is way easier to complete)

Currently at level 29, and working to defeat Oberon, the Prison Cell, The Winter garden, the three Prisoners are still remaining to change.  The story is also more entertaining than the first time thru, as I am taking more time, using the changes introduced since the beginning (puzzles were not always there) and the knowledge to complete characters that only require HOS over those that require crafting items to get ahead.  Overall, I have managed to get almost all the ghosts from the previous fall events (thanks to those that keep the other rooms open) and am working to complete the pets from those days. 

I love this game, and hope it continues to develop and grow.  Yes, the CC's are hard, but it is a game.  Even on my lower level game, I have managed to complete every task, and find that the lower level game is at time easier than the upper.  The upper level game is just collecting inventory for completing the achievements (Trina's quests) and getting enough to complete the 10 part DQ's.

I started a new game years ago to document all the dialog and I thought I was crazy.  But I didn't realize, or appreciate, the game's beginning when I first started playing.  Back then, we were all just looking forward, trying to get into Ice Rock or Throne Hall.  The whys and wherefores didn't seem so interesting.  But going back was really great.  You understand the game and the characters and know, more or less, what's ahead.  I started my second game in August 2016 and by November other changes had taken place.  Character quests were changed (for example, Level 11 Pinfeathers Ghost Hunt quest originally sent you to Salty for 7 tasks, that was changed to 3 tasks, etc.), requirements to open some zoom zones changed, requirements to craft the Bracelet of Seeing changed (needed 1 symbol of holy fire, 1 symbol of secret confession, 4 sign of mercy; sign of mercy is in the Book of Evil zz that needed 2 glowing darkness (found in the Castle Armory HOS), 1 thunderstorm talisman and 2 smashing rune to open; symbol of secret confession is in the Binding Egg zz that needed 2 crystal of twilight (found in the Castle Armory HOS), 2 immortal treasure and 1 sparkle flamer); so all of that means we needed to visit the Castle Armory HOS 10 times in order to get the 4 sign of mercy and 1 symbol of secret confession (plus the symbol of holy fire) to craft the Bracelet of Seeing.  And these were the days where only the Castle grounds were open so coins were limited and we had to wait an hour for the HOSs to recharge and, I might add, no FIND button so there was no guarantee of getting anything.

So that November 2016 change made the game easier.  

I wish they could make a Nostalgic MC game the way it was originally.  Now that would be a true walk down memory lane and give newer players some perspective on how far this game has come.


From: butch53


I remember when the change occurred.  I always hated the Binging egg, it took way too long to get the item, and then you had to do it all over again for the very next task (Oberon was the worst at repeating items).  On the plus side.  Having the information from the "old days" was able to get the mirror maven, Shadow seeker, and most importantly, the night Prowler achievements before level 30, which means I was able to turn off the "night mode" in the settings, so that piece is behind me again. 


From: marbur220


Maybe I am not the only one who misses the Fairy Sculpture.  It was my favorite screen and then, poof, an update and it changed to the Elfish Bas Relief.  I started a new game on an old (did I mention old) iPad just before the Fall glitch and so far they have not been able to restore the game but I got to play my favorite screen for at least a little while. Hoping Santa will bring me a new iPad and I can start again!

Have a great day!

I always liked the Winter Garden with the little white furry creature, I think a mink, and the Fairy Sculpture.  I do miss those two.


From: misstracy22


Ahh, you have brought back memories too me. Little happy ones too. Both the Winter garden and the lost fairy, I think she was. Thank you.

Hugs Tracy kissing_heart

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From: datsalotta


Hey All

Watching here how many of us miss the Mirrors, Winter Garden, Fairy Sculpture, Battle Pit. That is why I started my datsdat game in 2018.

I keep that game at level 23 (just before all the nostalgia scenes change) So everyday I get to go back to the original scenes. Mirrors is still challenging and it's been 2 years, still my score  is not up where it could be, can't seem to get more than 273,000. I'll keep trying ((-:

Thanks for starting and posting in this discussion. Really enjoying this one.


We talk all the time about Just John being at level 121, but any of your old timers remember Petr and Petr1.  He reached 400+ at one time.  Haven't seen him for a while.  Remember before the Tournaments, there was an icon at the bottom of the screen called Clubs and Global Events?  While they did eventually have the Global Challenges for a while, the Clubs never materialized.  We were getting updates every 4 to 6 weeks in 2014 and that still wasn't fast enough.  Gadget23mom was our resident poet and, while there are quite a few, this one is my favorite.  Hope it brings back some fond memories:

Time for an Ode (some spoilers)
[Post New]by gadget23mom on Oct 25, 14 8:07 PM
Been a while since I brought a smile, here goes:

There's Hoss Cartwright in the Residential district
Legolas at the pond
The Gnome King at the Rune Garden
and a fairy with a wand.

The witch has somehow vanished
Anabel is not in sight
Are you confused as I am
with the Castle of Midnight?

The story line escapes me, as the story now unfolds
The Chamberlain has a daughter, but if I may be so bold:
What happened to the Mystery Chamber when this journey first began?
So many twists and turns lately, I've forgotten where I am.

Cloud city?
Elvyn Forest?
The castle or the Town?
Perhaps I'm in the airship, so I'm never coming down.

You inherited a castle, or so the story goes,
But from character to character you've inherited their woes.

When you look upon the map, you see mist or is it smoke?
The crew of Midnight Castle, they must be smokin dope.

Pirates, Vampires, Fairies,
Werewolves, Gnomes and Spies,
Assassins, Elves and Witches,
Where are the normal guys?

Do you see where this has gotten you?
Can you see where you have been?
You inherited a castle, or is it the looney bin?

You run around in circles,
collecting flowers, diamonds, loot,
headaches, hand cramps, eye strain,
and insomnia to boot.

You have to laugh and remember,
that in all it's just a game.
Don't stress, don't fret, but most of all,
remember to stay SANE!!!!!!!!!


From: datsalotta


Hey whitebutterfly !

I'm lovin' that poem and laughing out loud. I remember back to 2014 - tournaments and Global Challenges. Did not know of Petr or that he was at level 400+ but always thought that there will be more levels past 121 (Just John's level). Reason being that John's level in the MC Game 'Found' has been surpassed by the Found players. You have now confirmed this for me.

Many many thanks for sharing this poem and your thoughts of back in the day. You are a real treasure.

My comments on the poem:

Hoss Cartwright? can this refer to HOSs or a reference to a Bonanza in the Castle? Legolas? Pretty sure that's a Lord of the Rings character. Smokin MC crew - definitely a ROFL moment. And I'm pretty sure I've been in the looney bin Castle a few times.

This discussion just gets better and better.