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Can't *choose* Flora Mistress   Technical Issues

Started Nov-25 by Anglesey; 688 views.

From: Anglesey


Is this a problem for anyone else?

I went to change the final avatar for this month's castle challenge (not keen on old man titan or whatever) to Flora Mistress, last month's final avatar and found that she wasn't in my list.  So I went back and clicked on my avatar to scroll through the complete set to see what she was called and I found this:

The "Man with Cane" is beside her on the left and over his head it also says "Man with Cane" but Flora's name isn't there.

Anyone else get this? Have you been able to fix it?


Anglesey (NiteBear in the castle)


From: oiuoiu321


I checked and have the exact same glitch.  She shows up as Man with Cane in the list, and I can't choose her for a reward from this challenge.  That's a weird one.


From: Honeyphan


I didn't notice, because I'm going for a Christmas one - but upon looking, Man with a Cane is also not there - or, in fact, are any of the recent castle challenge avatars available for the CC reward!

Flora also shows up as Man with a Cane in the regular list, but with something different written than the actual Man with a Cane. That is surely a glitch. But I wonder if the absence of the rest means they are going to stop offering the newer ones as rewards if not gotten the first time?

The latest three are missing from my choices as well for the last avatar.  But the older ones are still there.  I didn't play that Challenge, so in my avatar choices in the top left show what your pic shows for all three.  So I actually have Man with Cane, then next to it Flora Mistress, Sand Mage and Water Bender...all are locked and all say Man with Cane Reward for past Castle Challenge.

Just one more glitch piled on.


From: Anglesey


I guess I should say that I play on PC.  Are you all playing on PC as well?


From: AEGram


On my iPad game, I've completed all of the CCs. Each of my Avatars bears the correct name.

However, the CC avatars have a little calendar icon in the lower left portion of the Avatar to indicate it is a CC avatar. None of the avatars for the previous 2 CCs (25th and 26th: Fan Dancer, Scythe Wielder, Man with Cane, Water Bender, Sand Mage, and Flora Mistress) have the calendar icon on them.

I'm pretty sure the missing calendar icon is the reason those don't present as ones to be chosen as a substitute for the final current CC avatar.

That said, does anyone know if BFG has been contacted about this issue?