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Friends of Aeysha   Friends

Started Nov-26 by Anharion; 130 views.

From: Anharion


Sadly , as of today, I can no longer get into my MC game on my old (2012) Kindle Fire due to the age of the OS  & as a result I can't update my name/wishlist to indicate the situationunamusedcry

My Player name was Ayesha which I changed after an absence to "Aeysha now back" and then to "Aeysha no Fall 2020 "as I couldn't get the Fall update but could still play the main game.

I'm in the process of getting a new Kindle Fire, hopefully tomorrow & will then need to arrange for Elephant Games to transfer my game over.  I have got a record of all my friends so when able to get into MC again I can send out the Friends requests again. relieved

In the meantime I hope everyone has a good fall event & Christmas/New Year - if I don't get recovered by then! worried