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The huntress   Technical Issues

Started Nov-26 by Alice1234567; 284 views.

From: Alice1234567


The huntress goes only to 12 on 15 quest then tells me she is done anyone run into this problem i have rebooted and didnt fix it 


From: LvlSlgr


Alice, that's where the current update ends And no, we don't know when we will get another update. You can find always find how far the most current update goes in the "MC Game Guide" discussion found in the "Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice" folder. AEGram keeps this updated each time we get an update. Bless her ... and I mean that in a good way! I included a link below.

If you are on level 102 it is possible that you have reached the end of the current content and will join the queue of people waiting for the next update.  I am not in the game at the moment, but according to my notes I have reached 4407/8160 and am waiting for the next update. 

For long time players this has been a recurring theme since 2014 when level 18 was the highest level to attain.  Then we were all locked out of the game for around 6 weeks or so, until the next update.  There was such an uproar at being locked out that this has never happened again.  More detailed record keepers than I am, could tell you exactly how often updates occur but it can be quite some months.  

Enjoy the event, make coin while it lasts and just play the rounds and work on the achievements in the meantime.

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You said it much more succintly than I.  Well done