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Latest update for android   Technical Issues

Started Nov-27 by .Lynne. (rlynj2018); 284 views.
.Lynne. (rlynj2018)

From: .Lynne. (rlynj2018)


Has anyone else on the Android version been able to get the Fall Event (the one with new ghosts, etc.).  Whenever try to open the game, there's a message that an update is needed, but My Apps says there are no updates.  Thanks.


From: frenciula


Hello Lynne, yes we're able, but with younger version of android. 

If you search "update fall event" or only "fall" (i don't know how to link it,  sorry)  [the title is: unable to get fall 2020 update on kindle fire 8.9] you can read about the problem of updates. 

Wich version of android do you have? Because mine was jelly bean 4.1 and i didn't see the update, at the beginning of october, after all the problems with update and thinking that my device was very old i wrote to bfg asking to migrate game in new device,  yesterday (today for you, i think) bfg migrate my game. 

I think also for you the problem is the android version, if not try to contact big fish games or elephant games. Hope you solve your problems and have time to enjoy with ghosts and fall event :)

  • Edited November 27, 2020 6:20 pm  by  frenciula

Thanks for your reply.  My main game is on a Galaxy Tab A (2016) with Android Version 8.1.0.  My MC Number is A1004979, MC No. 1.14.48, client, content  This is the one that has given me the "This version of the game is out of date. Please download the newest version..."  Then the tablet opens the game manager at Amazon (where I originally got Midnight Castle) to update.  But there is no update; the manager says everything is up-to-date, and then it will "open" the game only to have the same "This version of the game..." screen pop up.  

I tried just downloading a new MC from the Amazon game store to my Galaxy Tab A (2016). It downloaded just fine and I was able to open it.  Lo & behold, there's bats flying around, and children selling things, etc.  BUT (note the caps) all my progress is gone, along with my millions of coins and thousands of shards.  

I have a second tablet, Galaxy Tab A (2020), Android version 10.  It has the same MC No. 1.14.48.  It opens right up to a brand new game with no coins or shards.  

Unless you (or someone else) has a suggestion, I guess I'm going to email both Big Fish and Elephant Games for assistance, and just accept that I won't be able to play this Fall's Event.  disappointed


From: frenciula


Oh no... So sorry to read this :/ (also because we are friend in the game from several time and you are one of mine secure friend to gift smile_cat). If you try to download from app store change anything? ... Your tablet isn't old, mine was very old, i think that probably is a bad save. Write to bfg and eg and ask them if they can help you to restore game, with all your progress, they have the save game. So sorry to can't help you in a different way, different from a suggestion to email bfg or eg :( i hope you can have luck with them, if you are playing in other tablet i will send a frindship request, but i think we are friends also in our seconds games. 

  • Edited December 4, 2020 5:48 pm  by  frenciula