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Get Azure Ghost   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Nov-30 by Katijay (Katijay46); 628 views.
Katijay (Katijay46)

From: Katijay (Katijay46)


We will have a picture of this ghost soon...

Azure Ghost - Oops, I posted yesterday in the Autumn Owls thread, soooorrrrry!  kissing_closed_eyes




It's crazy!  I've never seen so many Azure ghosts - it seems every 3rd scene I visited had one fly by!  Finished in about 20 minutes, hope the Red ghosts are as frequent when they come up towards the end of the Challenge.

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From: LvlSlgr


I haven't been so lucky. I've been through all of the areas three times and so far I've only gotten 12. The first round I got 6, and 3 on each of the other 2. Each time I quit MC and came back in fresh so that everything would be new but it just didn't seem to help. I'm giving it a break.

Same here ---- except I have only 10 for 4 rounds ---- I need to give it a break, as well ---- the boredom is making me too drowsy to really pay attention. Nothing difficult or "challenging" about it ---- just stare at the screen and wait ---- wait ---- wait ----zzzzz  LOL


From: misstracy22


Ok, I’ve had it. Up to here. With orange ghost, squirrels and umbrellas. Been round the whole castle areas three or four times of and on all day. Came out went back in. Went to gift friends. Had a go in the rooms. Nothing, not one single azure ghost. I even tried catching something else, to break the spell. Nothing. I check with the pic on here. (Thank you for them) just to make use I was trying to catch the correct colour. 
Not a sausage. Or ghost. I had trouble with the green ones. This is beyond even my patience. I even gave up catching the pumpkins. I’ve found so many. Pumpkin pie anyone.....

Down and out, Tracy 

p.s. thanks for letting me rant.

I’m right there with ya sista.  Man I have never seen so many green ghosts.  I have gotten the exact same gameplay as you have it sounds like.  I really wish the devs will listen to all us broken hearted (and desparate) devoted players.  I understand needing to make them challenging but they go way tooooo far on the catching of particular ghosts.  I have such trouble I am thinking not to do the events anymore. Anyway, all we get are avatars and for the life of me I can’t figure out what the heck they are good for, or am I missing something?  That’s possible as I frequently DO miss things.

Anyway just wanted to commiserate with you and assure you that you are not alone.



From: misstracy22


Oh thanks, you are a star. 
So you have green ghost, mine are orange. I don’t even like the colour. Love the fruit. I wonder if the game knows. He he he. Or should that be ha ha ha, I never know which. 

Well as far as I can work out, the avatars are there to brighten your day. Show that you are playing the game, as I try to put a new one on display that kinda matches the season. Not always. It depends on which bit of the CC I’m playing. Some also show some friends characters. Which is fun too. I’m sure there are lots of thoughts on this. 

I miss things too, I don’t read everything so carefully. So I do make major mistakes. I’m sure friends on here will forgive. 

Take care, hugs

Tracy rabbit

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From: misstracy22


Yippee, grinningsmileysmileblushrelaxedheart_eyeswinkdancerdizzy

finally caught the last azure ghost. He was scooting round the corner. So onto to catching up. Until the red ghost challenge. Only I saw a few while hunting for the azure guys. I guess they will disappear when we need them. If any one has extra floating about please do shoo them onto pastures new. 

hugs at last, Tracy dolphin