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Gone GAGA !!!   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Dec-1 by darlodiggas; 631 views.

From: darlodiggas


Wow !!  I've gone completely gaga and a tad cross-eyed hunting for those pesky azure ghosts !!  My eyes (and my patience) have been greatly tested ! Goodness knows how I'm going to grab all those devilish red ones in a few days time!  tired_face

Good luck all !!  

Chrissie UK



From: crownthornes


Yes I am the same! two and a half times round my castle. Probably the most boring challenge I thinkpersevere


From: darlodiggas


Yes it is mind numbing and I think 'why am I doing this ?' but still carry on ! Must have an addiction to this game heh ?!  Ha ha  blush

Chrissie xx

3 times round for my level 102 game with all areas open, 4 times with my level 90 game with just to the first area of the Northern Islands open.  Did not bother to try on my level 32 game with the castle, 4 areas in the town and 3 in Cloud City.  Would still be doing that one on Christmas Eve.

In reply toRe: msg 2

Too many ghosts ---- makes for boring, time-wasting "task"

Think of something else, devs.


From: SharpEye1


Hi Chrissie!  I hear ya!  I finally had to do it over 2 days because I had run out of enough energy balls to use the amulet and I had gone through the whole kingdom like 4 times and only gotten 3!  Funny, how once the CC is on to the next challenge, the azure ghosts dropped like flies!  LOL

Ada heart_eyes


From: darlodiggas


Hi Ada - lovely person !!

Not sure about the balls but I sure ran out of energy !!  blush

Good to hear from you and hoping you and yours are keeping safe and well !  Much love 

Chrissie xxxxxx


From: SharpEye1


darlodiggas said:

Not sure about the balls but I sure ran out of energy !!

You are too funny!!  LMAO!!! heart_eyes

It was so good to hear from you as well.  Hope you and yours are also staying safe and well!  Much love, my friend.

Ada xxxxxxx