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Craft 20 Items   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Dec-1 by Katijay (Katijay46); 402 views.

There is no time limit so you have choices...the easiest is to craft the simple pet food...if you are working on leveling there may be other choices...were on the final run so Good Luck to All...

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Anybody know how to get pet medallions without just continuing game play significantly?  I am trying to make game play stretch out as long as possible.  Last time I was caught up I think it was in the 60 somethings and it went on so long I put my game away for about 1 1/2 years.  It was just too aggravating to keep checking and checking and writing to anyone and everyone I could think of for info to no avail.  My frustration limit was reached.  I know devs are having difficulty keeping up more than even normal these days with the CO-VID and all.
I used all but 16 pet medallions on last event need.  Cutting it pretty close.  By the way, anyone know best way to accumulate pet medallions?


From: Honeyphan


The daily challenge I have found to be the best way - where you know you will definitely get at least one.

Also sending out your pets that give wood and iron chests - the griffin and the storyteller cat are good for that, as is the hedgehog. Though they don't always give medallions.

You can find a good list with the best ratios under the "complete index- tips, trick and guides" section - and the link with the info on pet tells. :)

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As Honeyphan said, the Daily Challenge is the best way.  But I really don't like playing the regular DQs.  So I play the Event DQs instead.  If you have enough ghost traps, playing the Event DQs is easier to accumulate pet medallions.  At least for me it is.


From: LvlSlgr


I used up all of my pet medallions after crafting 10 simple pet foods. So I started looking for something else to craft that wouldn't cost too much. I found the "Wings of Darkness" which only uses 200 coins, same as the simple pet food. I was lucky that I had plenty of the other things needed to craft this item. In addition, you can cash this item in for 565 coins after you craft it so you can profit from it.

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Thank all of you for responding to my request for help.  WOW, I always knew the MC players were generous but it just keeps amazing me.  So thanks so much again.  I used your tips and got them quickly.

I am a little concerned about the upcoming 17 red ghosts but I guess we will drudge through it together right?

I also had used all my coins by crafting the simple pet food, I guess great minds think alike. See ya in the hallways.