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Midnight Castle Friend code for PC   Friends

Started Dec-5 by LadyClaire; 398 views.

From: LadyClaire


Hi all ! I'd like some new friends for Midnight Castle on PC

My Friend code is 848280   

I'm new to this forum and not very tech inclined.

Sorry, I did not know where to post this. 

Welcome to the forum!! If you look to the left there is a Friends folder where you can find other people looking for friends for each device.  There are ones looking for permanent friends or ones just looking for event friends.  Also if you want to be added to the Master List for PC you can add your information here:

Midnight Castle PC Master List (


From: LadyClaire


Please add my friend code to the master list as I just do not know how.

Thankyou so much . As I stated, I'm not very tech savvy. 

Midnight Castle friend code  on PC 848280   

Sorry I wish I could but I'm not part of the staff, however I'll include Chilpep on this reply and she will do it for you.

CC to chilpep

From: LadyClaire


Thanks a bunch as not easy for me to navagate around. 

Appriciate it.

You're welcome, happy to help!!