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Panic Time   Technical Issues

Started Dec-5 by WelshShelley; 446 views.

From: WelshShelley


2 and a bit days to go, to finish the Challenge and I can't get back on to MC.

I gifted all my friends at about 4.30pm UK time. Then realised I hadn't had my Midnight Free Gift, you know the Biggie 5 day one.

So I shut down MC completely, you know the drill, double click and swipe. Thought ok it's tea time, I'll come back later.

It's now later, 7.40 pm and I can't get back in, been trying for about 1 hour. I have switched the Ipad on and off many times, no cando.

All I get is Annabelle and her pet Skeleton Vulture, a bat flying around and catching fire.

Content is 00.00

Any help would be appreciated.


Welsh Shelley


From: SharpEye1


Hi Welsh Shelley,

It has been suggested before that once you're at the Anabel screen and the content shows 00.0, to stay there and wait awhile as it can sometimes take longer for the server to connect.  Sorry, that's all I've got as I play on PC.  Good luck!  Fingers crossed you get in soon!

Ada heart_eyes


From: WelshShelley


Cheers Sharpeye,

That's exactly what I did, I put the contraption on it's juice lead, and let the bat catch fire many many times, poor thing.

I think it was about 11.30pm, I had a look, before going to bed and poor batty was still getting toasted so headed for bed. The contraption was fully charged, so i switched it off, I don't know what on Earth happened, but then the screen took off, Batty got a reprieve, and I got in, almost on the stroke of Midnight.

Yahooooo, 5 friends got gifts and within an hour got 8 Red Ghosts, my eyes were on my cheeks, and I seccumbed to sleep..

So whilst, Dawg does what comes naturally in the garden, kettle boils for a cuppa, I write this.

Cheers All, Patience was all that was needed (albeit 7 hours)

Take Care and Keep Safe

Welsh Shelley


From: SharpEye1


My goodness!  I didn't think it would, or should, take that long!  But, I'm glad it worked.  LOL  Have fun being able to storm the castle again. heart_eyes