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PETS -- How you get them   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 4/18/18 by AEGram; 16753 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)

From: AEGram


Since this is a reference thread, please place comments and/or questions in the Comments thread provided in the Tips, Tricks, Guides, and Advice folder.

Original Pets – There are 19 original pets. Except for the Winged Cat, they ALL have eggs. But, they all do have to be crafted. Look in the Laboratory under the paw (over the left column) to see what each requires for crafting. 

You can get the original eggs from the Fortune Wheel or gifts from friends. There are SOME that are in the achievements. (If an egg can be received from the achievements, it is so noted. If there is nothing next to the egg, then it is only by way of gift or Fortune Wheel.) 

Original Pets: 
Baby Pegasus 
Egghead Owl 
Emerald Dragon 
Flap-Eared Puppy – egg from Steer Clear, level 2 
Flirty Hippo 
Gold-Bearing Turtle – egg from Lucky One, level 3 
Good-Natured Hedgehog 
Hopping Tiger – egg from Dragon Fighter, level 2 
Nimble Squirrel 
Pink Piggy – egg from Breadwinner, level 2 
Plush Panda 
Purring Manticore 
Sharp-Eyed Snail 
Silly Seal 
Snow Griffin – free at level 7 (but an egg will sometimes show up on the Fortune Wheel) 
Spotted-Winged Parrot 
Treasured Phoenix 
Voracious Lemur 
Winged Cat** 

ETA: It should be noted that all of the Original Pets have eggs that need to be "hatched" --- EXCEPT FOR the Winged Cat......he just requires coins and thank yous 

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From: AEGram


 There are SEASONAL pets and ACHIEVEMENT pets…..some seasonal pets are also achievement pets. The seasonal pets that must be crafted are listed below. (If you want to know what is required to craft them, look in the Laboratory under the “paw”) 

Spring Pets
Baby Boy (2016) 
Baby Girl (2016)
Bedtime Feline (2023) 
Card Guard (2018) 
Chimney Sweep (2016) 
Cook (2016) 
Cute Koala (2021)
Frog Fairy (2022)
Garden Bunny (2017) 
Golden Chicken 
Happy Pup (2020)
Humpty Dumpty (2018) 
Jester Bunny (2017) 
Rabbit Bug (2022)
Sleepy Platypus (2023)
Spring Bird (2020)
Spring Bunny 
Spring Butterfly (achievement – see achievement section)
Spring Cat (2019)
Spring Herald (2021)
Stargazer (achievement – see achievement section)
White Rabbit (2018)
Yellow Bear (2019) 

Fall Pets 
Autumn Fox (2020)
Black Cat 
Bouncy Squirrel (2020)
Clever Racoon (2023)
Comfy Friend (2021)
Funny Wisp (2016)
Gluttonous Gargoyle (2019)
Gorilla (2018)
Grim Eagle Owl (2016) 
Halloween Guinea Pig (2017)
Helpful Hooter (2022)
Horrific Helper (2022)
Hounder (2017) 
Pensive Spider (2016)
Playful Giraffe (2023) 
Shark (2018)
T-Rex (2018)
Thrifty Hedgehog (2019)
Turkey Pilgrim 
Warm Fluffy (2021)
Wise Raven 
Wise Toad (2016) 

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From: AEGram


Christmas Pets 
Arctic Fox (achievement – see achievement section)
Baby Mammoth (2016)
Black Bunny (2022) - released 2023; WE was late
Christmas Gnome (2015) 
Christmas Turkey (2017)
Clever Monkey (achievement – see achievement section)
Enigmatic Narwhal (2018) 
Fire Rooster (2016) 
Friendly Fox (2017) 
Funny Yeti 
Holiday Caroler (2020)
Holiday Sphinx (2019)
Joyful Penguin 
Little White Bear 
Red Cardinal (2017) 
Santa’s Reindeer 
Sled Dog (2016) 
Snow Fairy (2015) 
Snowy Owl (achievement – see achievement section)
Timid Stoat (2019)
Well-Dressed Snowman 
Winter Cat (2016)
Winter Companion (2020)
Winter Wildcat (2022) – released 2023; WE was late

Achievement Pets  (they can ONLY be gained by meeting the achievement requirements): 
Artic Fox – Elvish Enthusiast, level 3
Beaky Woodpecker – Egg-Centric, level 3 
Champion – Tournament Topper, level 3 (no longer available) 
Clever Monkey – Christmas Room, level 3 
Gold Pony – Time is Money, level 3 
Golden Antlered Moose – Hit the Jackpot!, level 3 
In a While Crocodile – Menagerie, level 3 
Little Elephant – Gift Horse, level 3
Snowy Owl – Dwarf Discipline, level 3 
Spring Butterfly – Spring has arrived!, level 3 
Stargazer – Spring Hunt, level 2 


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From: AEGram


Level 69/Exclusive Pets 
Included with the January 20, 2016, update were 4 pets added for players at Level 69. You secure these pets from a zoom zone called Ghostly Chest
Rainbow Dragon 
Sea Serpent 
Fire Dragon 

Anniversary Pets
Little Raven (MC 5th Anniv, 2019)
Elf (EG 20th Anniv, 2023)


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