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Winter Event ~ Team Egg Roll ~ Consortium Announcement    Archives

Started Dec-14 by Debbie (Debbie1845); 2533 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)
Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


Attention, all Consortium Members and the Entire MC Delphi Community, 

My goodness, it is almost like whiplash, we have barely closed the door  and ushered the ghosts  outside the Castle  Gates, when we turn around, and the snow is upon us, the Ice Skaters are beautifully displayed, and the Castle has become an incredible Winter Wonderland!! 

Welcome one and all to the Winter  Event !
Grab your Holiday Wands, a warm blanket, and a cuppa, settle in... And truly, have FUN and ENJOY!! 

Each year, the Consortium  during the Winter Event, does a great, incredible Special Event called Team Egg Roll!! It unites the entire MC Delphi Community, whoever wants to jump on board and join in on the festivities, to help the Consortium!! There are jobs and positions for each and every player who wants to be a part of the effort!!
Speaking personally, I truly love this Event because it brings all of us together working on a common goal. 
The Consortium benefits immensely from everyone’s hard work, and generosity of spirit.
It is a fabulous project filled with lots of fun, teamwork, support, and joy. And we all could use that right about now!! 

What people may not realize is just how much planning and organization goes into this one Event. It takes a tremendous amount of work. And I don’t feel it can be done properly this year, despite my desire to have it, to the best benefit of the players or the Consortium. 
Please know, this was an agonizing decision for me to make. I don’t want to let anyone down. And I extend my sincerest apologies because I feel I have done so. 
I am truly so very sorry. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic WE!! Remember the Consortium is here and available to assist you if you need a helping hand!! It would be our pleasure!! Please just post in our Consortium Thread , or PM me directly at anytime. We have Members across all three platforms. 
I do hope you will keep in mind, this is just a pause, and you will remember to join us as soon as we restart Team Egg Roll. 
We look forward to it!! 

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

It is my prayer that you and your families continue to stay safe and well. prayinnocentheart

Debbie Consortium Leader two_hearts

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


Stay safe in your Winter Wonderland!

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From: misstracy22


Thanks for all your hard work Debbie and the team. Only make the most of this year. Relax, put your feet up and enjoy  the Winter Event. Without chasing eggs. 

hugs Tracyrabbit


From: anglegirl70


Just want to say thank you for all your hard work that you put into this game.  I Will continue sending the eggs to any Consortium Leader that I have on my friends lists that have them up on their wish list.  Is there any way that you can let us know if their is anything that peole are really needing for the this WE that we might also send through to the Consortium members.  Once again thanks for all you do.  Stay safe and enjoy our game.  Hugs,   Sandy (Anglegirl70)        PS:  Merry Christmas to All.

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From: oiuoiu321


I never realized just how much work went into the Egg Roll behind the scenes.  Huge thanks to you and to all who have been working at this over the years!

I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who gifted me Holiday Wands all year.  I kept in on my wishlist almost constantly since the end of the last event, and was gifted about 800 of them!  I feel bad now that I won't be putting them to good use this year, so sorry about that.  If anyone needs some Holiday Wands let me know, I will gift them out.  Otherwise I'll hold on to them for next year.


From: Honeyphan


I second what Sandy said. :) Without you guys, I wouldn't be as far as I am in MC!

I also want to help out with any eggs that the consortium puts on their list - at present, no one has them listed, so I've been coining or sharding the Christmas 1-egg pets I don't plan to craft and always get that egg back when I complete the daily Christmas quest, to coin and shard again. :) Cool! And, as always, I will help with sending the other holiday items that are on the list too...

I know the same will happen with my winter cat egg, but I haven't got the guts to test that theory - lol. It is still in incubation, soon to come out... ;-)


From: Annemaree1


I still have a supply of eggs from the previous Christmas event and will happily send them to you if you request them 

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From: Moonki


I have eggs from past Christmas events I will gladly pass on I’d i1952977 

I play as Suzanne and have Mrs Santa as my aviator for this event. Moonki

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From: misstracy22


Hi Suzanne, 

Please do post or PM the eggs you wish to donate. I will happily pop them on my wish list. It is so very kind of you to offer to give them for those who will need them. Any that you have or anyone else are very welcome. 

You are such a generous friend, a very big thank you. Hope are enjoying the Winter Event and the new Christmas room. see you in the castle chasing the birds and mice around.

hugs Tracy penguin




From: Moonki


I’ve gotten so much help from the forum I’m glad I can give some back.

I have: 2 snow griffins

            2 pegasus

  1 of; parrot, hedgehog, emerald dragon, sharpe eyed snail, pink pig,  flop-eared puppy

I have multiple fur ball, painted egg, spiky egg, patterned egg autumn egg, red egg, stone egg, blue egg, green egg, raven egg, Snow White egg, red yarn ball. 

I gift 3 times most days and will keep an eye on Catherine and you. Moonki