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Egg drop   Gifts, Wishes and Random Pleas for Help

Started 12/16/20 by Diannef130; 1105 views.

From: RR4711


I have a spare Pegasus egg I would be happy to gift someone. Is there a thread somewhere I can post so someone who would like it can contact me?

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From: misstracy22


That is so very kind of you, to think of other players. Just wondering which platform you are on. PC, iOS or Android? It makes it easier for consortium members or players to offer help with your generous donation. 

Tracy - iOS consortium member 


From: RR4711


I play on iOS (iPad) my in game username is the same RR4711

I used to play years ago and I started again a couple of months ago. When I got the egg on the fortune wheel I thought someone else could use it but there’s no way to message in game.

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From: misstracy22


Oh great, I’m also on iOS. I’m one of the consortium members. Welcome back to MC. We are here to help with things that players would like to donate to others in need. So if you would like to PM your ID to me I can invite you to my game and then you can gift your egg to me. I will pass it on to someone who needs it.

Hope you have been playing the CC.

Tracy rabbit