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PRESENT UPDATE   Technical Issues

Started Dec-22 by Darlene2436; 3040 views.

From: Merry1043


I cannot get update. I have uninstalled game manager and game then reinstalled it and I show no update. Have been doing this for two days. Will send e mail to elephant games and bd

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


Did you try it manually?

Did you check the options tab in game manager?  That is usually where I find my updates as I have them set to manual.


From: Merry1043


Yes I tried evrything.Maybe it does not give update because I am on level 37?

Am waiting on reply from BF and Elephant Games

 Sorry to hear you've been having trouble getting the updates. I just wanted you to know that I'm only on Level 80 and I'm able to download the updates so it can't be that. Hope you get some answers soon.


From: Hirento


Merry wrote:

"Yes I tried evrything.Maybe it does not give update because I am on level 37?"

I think this is correct.

The update would take you from level 102 onwards. If you are not on level 102 you do not have the previous updates, but you could try the download all content-button. I never tried it at low levels, but perhaps you could try to see if you get any change?


From: Marcia68


Hi old friend haven't seen you for awhile !! Well i was just looking in to see there are some of us not getting the new update.!! ?? I am one of them. Hows it  going for you did you get the new update and how did you get it ?  Automatically threw game manager?  Please let me know. are is there a better way

It doesn't matter what level you're on (I'm on Level 80 and I'm able to download the updates) so if you're on a PC, open your Game Manager and look on the left to see if it says Updates. If not, click on the Options tab, then the Downloads tab and click Manually then OK. Hopefully it will show an update then.  

The new numbers (last 4 digits) are:

Content: 2262

Client: 2260

PROD: 2250

This update has 2 new puzzles and a content update which takes players to Level 106. 


From: Merry1043


I have done all the abovr but it says no update. Have installed game manager and game at least three times. BF says they are aware of this problem and goes thru the same old studd wifi connection.