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My Strange New Friend   Technical Issues

Started Jan-14 by Siberlene; 277 views.

From: Siberlene


Yesterday I had a strange new friend who wished to gift me an airship item.  His avatar was that ghosted face, had an ID number but no alias and was on Level 1,  a level I'm not sure you're able to gift yet.  I didn't click on it  because I read a long time ago that someone had their game hijacked by a weird friend.  I exited the gifting area but went back a few minutes later to write down the ID number.  When I went back in the ID number, game level and gift was gone but his avatar remains.  So because of his avatar my gift icon flashes all the time.  The new ghosted friend does not appear in my friends list and prior to his arrival I had no invitation from someone wishing to have me add them.  Is there a way to remove him?  

  • Edited January 14, 2021 4:33 pm  by  Siberlene