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MC's 7th Anniversary **SPOILERS**   Achievements and Musings

Started Jan-22 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 2108 views.

Midnight Castle turned 7 years old on January 21, 2021 and I wanted to pay some sort of homage to this incredible feat.

I just wanted to share some fun facts from my personal notes, Big Fish’s original forum (all 1,056 pages) and the recollections/contributions of several players, whose names are noted.

Midnight Castle was originally introduced on December 20, 2013 as a Sneak Peek Beta game and officially released as a TGT (Tomorrow’s Game Today) on January 21, 2014 (Valdy).

The January, 2014 audio intro cut scene was as follows:

“I clearly remember the moment I received this letter.  It changed my entire life.  The events surrounding my uncle’s death were beyond mysterious.  And his will is featuring my name.  That is how I found that I am the owner of the sinister, and majestic, Midnight Castle.

Moreover, a mystery chamber was gossiped to be hidden in the castle.  Well, they say it can fulfill any wish of its owner.  I thought I shouldn’t waste any time.  I needed to find out what happened to my uncle and finding the mystery chamber could be a good bonus to it.”

This intro has evolved over the years to include many variations, including this one for iOS:

“One day I received a strange official looking envelope in the mail.  It was from my uncle, Count Vesnik.  He dabbled in magic and lived in a strange castle in a faraway kingdom.  I hardly knew him, but he willed his castle to me!

His advisor mentioned a strange force taking over the castle just before my uncle’s death, which was sudden and mysterious.  His advisor revealed a great secret about my uncle’s castle; it contains the mysterious chamber of wishes which grants its owner any desire! 

I set out at once.  I had to make sure the mystery chamber didn’t fall into the wrong hands.  After all, it’s mine now!”

Aussie_Dot offered a little known gem in her March 23, 2015 post about MC.  She says that in the beginning (she was playing in 2013) “the story starts out with Uncle Henry and did not explain Count Vesnik.”  She suggests the Journal Pages backs up that fact and when the developers changed the storyline to include Uncle Vesnik, they didn’t bother to change the Journal Pages.  I’m very much intrigued by Dot’s theory that Leonard Vesnik and Henry might be brothers.

We know that the Henry in the Journal Pages is Henry the Archeologist.  One entry talks about Henry picking up a wolf cub (Iron Knight?) who is very protective of his daughter Anabel.  Another entry says Henry “finds repose in a small neglected garden” which could be the Winter/Summer Garden in Ice Rock.  There was a post on MC Facebook dated March 22, 2014 (not a player post) that said “The Troll is not who he seems, and was once very dear to your Uncle.”  That indicates to me some relationship closer than friend, but that’s just my opinion. 

We also know that the author of the Journal Pages and Henry were only one team searching for the Mystery Chamber.  Their competition was Jeronimo ‘Salty’ Took (once called Warren Took) and Valeria Steiner, who joined forces to save money.  United by their sense of adventure when they were young, it was love at first site when Valeria met ‘Jero’, who performed many noble deeds including rescuing his sister and Valeria from a forest witch. (Level 74)  But greed for gain always ends badly. 

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One person not a part of either expedition, but who desperately wanted the Mystery Chamber, is Lord Chamberlain.  As a matter of fact, he adamantly believed he was more deserving of the Mystery Chamber than Vesnik, and the Castle’s final Journal Page says, “He watched from the shadows the path of an exhausted, but not yet broken, man – whole-hearted in his devotion.  Passing the rune ring, he thrust the dagger into the count’s back...And then he lost his corporal shell in the dragon fire.”  Perhaps this was the Ghostly Messenger, and since the Wise Dragon saved Vesnik by hiding him in the space between the worlds, this could explain why, later in the game, the Messenger is determined to kill Drake.

Of course, there’s a ton of questions I have involving the storyline.

1.  Who is Anabel’s mother (we only know Anabel was a baby when her mother died (Level 74)).

2.  Who is the Iron Knight’s mother and did he grow up without either parent (we know his father is Oeland Silver Mane, leader of the Silver Mane Clan) but Henry picked up a wolf cub protective of Anabel (Iron Knight?) and the Knight himself says (in Level 18) he can’t find his real father and (in Level 26) his father has been gone for years.

3.  Oeland Silver Mane was trapped in the space between worlds by the witch (presumably Arabella) who had plans for the werewolves for a long time.  What did Oeland and the werewolves do to incur the witch’s wrath?  And did that wrath manifest later when the witch lured the Knight away from Anabel with a pregnancy tale?  There was little reaction from anyone to the witch being pregnant, except Anabel, and the revelation quickly faded when Arabella, realizing having wasn’t as exciting as wanting, threw the Knight over for Hansel, a witch hunter of all things.   

4.  Why does Oeland have such a low opinion of his son?  He calls him ‘useless’, ‘soft’, lacking in responsibility, acts like a girl and believes Anabel has more courage and spirit (even though he was totally opposed to his son marrying a vampire).

5.  How did Lord Chamberlain become Lord Chamberlain?  He was Richard with a wife (Gabrielle) and children (Arabella and Adrian).  We know baby Adrian was spirited away to an orphanage by the Keeper of the Castle the night he was born, but what happened to Gabrielle?  In Level 82 Gabrielle claims Arabella is her daughter (who believes her mother died years ago).  So where was she? Arabella says her grandmother was a witch (Level 19) and she never knew the Chamberlain was her father.  Nevertheless, from the beginning of the game, she had a love/hate relationship with the Chamberlain; one minute working with him and the next, changing him into a pudgy purple bat for a few levels.   

          6.  We’ve been told twice that the witch may not be who she is pretending to be, first by Anabel in Level 23 and then by the Wise Dragon in Level 25.  I tend to believe them and am still wondering if there’s more to her.

7.  The brief visit by the Light Bringer, a Knight of the Order of Light yields something interesting.  He says (in Level 54) “cruel circumstances can turn anyone into a monster and violence always has an impact.”  He wants to perform a “commemoration ritual to remember a soul left behind, a good way to say goodbye to those we mourn; the Chamberlain was evil indeed, but it matters not.”  So what is his relationship to Lord Chamberlain?

8.  Keeper of the Castle makes reference to a Lionel Mercer, the greatest mage of his time whose been missing for years.  The Keeper of the Castle was one of the few who asked Lionel Mercer for help and he’s regretted it ever since.  The Keeper refuses to reveal what help he asked of Mercer, just saying his silence was part of the agreement.  But the Ghostly Messenger (in Level 58) says he once helped the Guardian and could do so again.  So shouldn’t Lionel Mercer be the Ghostly Messenger?

These are just a few of the hundreds of questions I have.

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I began playing this game in January 2014, so missed the whole Beta gameplay.  Even then, I didn’t begin documenting until August 2016 so I’ve relied heavily on players’ posts from the original BF Forum.

The Beta version consisted of the first 18 Levels and the rollout of the full version of the game on January 21, 2014 seems to have contributed to the Level 18 Lockout.  New players downloading the full version, or current players who stayed below Level 18, were spared.  But players who had proceeded to the conclusion of Level 18 were locked out of their games until March, 2014.

According to Duncan_14all in a post dated January 28, 2014, the 7 original pets were the Emerald Dragon, Extra-Purring Manticore, Nimble Pegasusling, Playful Phoenix, Snow Griffin, Weird Owl and Winged Cat.  Eggs were only available on the Fortune Wheel and the cost for hatching some of those little darlings was eye-popping...20,000 for the phoenix, 25,000 for the hippo and 50,000 for the pegasus. 

Each pet had its own dedicated pet food.  Descriptions of some of the original dedicated pet food are:  Emerald Dragon Food (Anyone who eats a dragon’s food might become the next meal); Owl Food (It’s always wise to eat owl food); Winged Cat Food (Best not to eat a winged cat’s food – those kittens have claws) and Griffin Food (This food is meant for an iron griffin.)  In a January 9, 2014 post, Valdy noted in the Technical Issues thread “There is a Snow Griffin, but no Snow Griffin Food.  There is Iron Griffin Food, but no Iron Griffin.”  LOL  Just an eccentricity of MC.  (This info thanks to MaryCricket who found the Big Fish blog Tips and Tricks)

There was a Weird Egg, but it didn’t hatch the Weird Owl since there was also an Owl Egg.  Somehow or other the Winged Cat didn’t use an egg and some thought the Weird Egg had been meant for it.  Rosiebvt stated in her March 16, 2014 post, “(The Odd Egg) It used to be called the weird egg, and before that it may have been the winged cat egg.  Who knows, it may end up being the 20th pet, if we live that long.”  LOL who even imagined we’d still be here, 7 years later.  But the Weird Egg just hung around purposeless, eventually becoming known as the Odd Egg and another one of MC’s eccentricities.

I’ve found at least 11 initial crafted items (Aquamarine Charm, Bemusing Potion, Binding Fate, Blood Flow Potion, Card of Destruction (Card of Destiny), Infusion of Suffering, Knife of Perish (Knife of Peril), Orb of Moonlight, Smoking Pipe (Smoking Device), Solar Seal, Vampire Sign and Wings of Darkness.

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Back in the day, players opened certain zoom zones with crafted items; Six-Paws, Pirate Standard, Cauldron, Bag, Chained Eagle, Secret Slab, Rune Alter and Bow Figurine.  Ahh, yes, the infamous Bow Figurine. 

I’m sure players new to the game after May 13, 2014 couldn’t care less how difficult the Bow Figurine ZZ was to open.  While reading the hundreds of old forum posts, some players were very vocal about the torturous Bow and others were just as vocal about the very vocal players.  For some, sanity returned to their lives when the Bow Figurine requirements were changed on May 13, 2014; while others complained the adjustment was too extreme.  Reminds me of the famous words from poet John Lydgate, “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” 

Nevertheless, those who endured that barbaric beast for even one opening deserve their time in the sun.  So here goes:

The Bow Figurine zoom zone required three crafted items to open; Crafty Leprechaun, Astral Protection and Seal of Obedience.  Remember back then, some zoom zones required crafted items, so to craft those three items for the Bow, players had to visit zoom zones that required crafted items themselves.

To open the Bow Figurine ONE time required 281 inventory items from HOSs (including, but not limited to, 14 Immortal Treasure, 22 Grasping Handle, 22 Wreath of Justice); 33 crafted items (including, but not limited to, 7 Bouquet of Fear and Dust, 7 Pang of Conscience, 6 Fine Buckle, 5 Amulet of Challenge, 4 each of Thunderblast and Soul Selector) and 36,310 coins.

It should be noted that during this horror show, coins were at a premium and only the Castle’s 20 HOSs were open and subject to the one hour cooldown time.  In Levels 20 and 21, the Bow Figurine needed to be completed 6 times and LizzieK calculated that it would take anywhere from 4.75 days to 9.5 days to complete one Bow Figurine and 28.5 days to 57 days to complete six of them (depending on whether one played 4 30-minute sessions per day or 8 30-minute sessions per day).

The complexity just can’t be overstated, in my opinion.  Currently, many players complete an update the same day it’s issued.  For players who never experienced the original Bow, pick one of the newer zoom zones and imagine needing to play 4 days just to open it one time.  The old Bow stands as a monument to the love and dedication players have for MC; demonstrated by those who opened second and third games to gift desperately needed items to friends and resoundingly demanded change.   

I need to share this Ode from SARAHBEE posted on January 7, 2015:

“(voice of Old Timer)

' Now then young'uns I remember the 'Great Level 18 Lockout ' of Spring 14. It was the worst winter in living memory, the storm started on January 30th, as bleak a day as ever there has been and it continued like this until 10th March (nigh on 6 weeks) when the sun came out and all was well again.

Many friends were caught in that storm, some we lost forever and some were only wounded, but those wounds ran deep and the scars are still there to remind us that none of us will ever be the same again. Even the lucky ones who were warned by the lead party, of the horror they were approaching, could only watch as they cowered behind level 17 not daring to step one foot over the threshold of level 18 in case they too were lost in the mists of time, unable to either advance or retreat!!

And as for the tale of the fabled Bow Figurine, alas I cannot speak of a terror so great that it made grown men weep and grown women wail.'”


Okay, this crybaby is done whining over that spilt milk.

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A couple of fun facts about early Midnight Castle...the Strangled Ruby was called the Pristine Ruby; The Fungus Among Us was Mournful Fungus; Witch’s Wing was Succubus Wing; Blood Greed was Blood Greediness and the Symbol of Holy Fire was Symbol of Holy Light.  But the strangest change I found was an item called John’s Wort located in the Prison Cell/Birdcage.  Two players (KittChaos and Charlieisr) mentioned this item in separate posts outlining the beginning of the game.  The Bow and Arrow of Stoppage eventually replaced the John’s Wort but, unlike the examples above, the correlation escapes me.

Prior to the March 10, 2014 update, the Bracelet of Seeing was known as the Bracelet of Vice.  The Castle Entry was originally called the Bailey and the Mosaic Panel HOS in the Forbidden Tower was the Mosaic Stash.  KittChaos noted in February 2014, “The twin giant knights on either side of the castle gates salute if you click on them.”  Not sure if she literally meant salute, but today they pound their weapons on the ground.  And, according to drew248 “the helpful Raven was updated in March, 2014 to Professor Pinfeathers.”

With the March 10, 2014 update, the Airship was given its very own dedicated cargo items, saving precious inventory for storyline updates.  Also in that update, some Achievements were renamed...Fan of Pets became Animal Lover; Sharp-eyed became Fast Focus and Gamer became Roll With It, just to name a few.

With that latest update, there were a total of 10 pets...Snow Griffin, Winged Cat, Emerald Dragon, Egghead Owl, Baby Pegasus, Purring Manticore, Treasured Phoenix, Flap-eared Puppy, Pink Piggy and Hopping Tiger.

Charlieisr in her August 7, 2014 post voiced her frustration with the constant changes, “So what are they calling them this time.  They started as marks, then tickets, then stamps.”  So it appears even the Stamps went through a difficult birthing period.

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Some of the avatars have stories of their own too.  Robin Hood was only offered briefly and was awarded for inviting 10 Facebook friends.  Years ago, the game used to store a folder on our computer where we could see upcoming avatars, pets, etc.  I made a note about several avatars in that folder...champion lady, champion man, (which I assume became Hero and Heroine, tournament awards that were deleted in March 2017), Robin Hood, captain (there was a captain awarded in the 13th Castle Challenge of March 26, 2018), carnival man (could be Count Incognito (awarded in the 3rd Castle Challenge of September 12, 2016), carnival girl (based on the concept art, this avatar became Madame Masquerade, awarded in the 4th Castle Challenge of October 22, 2016) and samurai (awarded in the 2nd Castle Challenge of August 4, 2016).

The original Snow Fairy avatar had the same name as the Snow Fairy pet, so in a subsequent update, the Snow Fairy avatar became known as the Snow Pixie.

I always take pics of new avatars as soon as they become available and often never check on them again, especially the Castle Challenge avatars.  The 18th Castle Challenge brought the reward of Supreme Sorcerer for completing 30 tasks.  His outfit was purple/red, he had gray in his hair and he was holding a scepter in his left hand while a 3-D pentagram image was in front of him.  MaryCricket brought to my attention that the avatar had been changed to Wizard of Lightning (now in a green/purple outfit, no gray hair and balancing a hovering crystal ball between his hands.

March 20, 2014 debuted the iOS version of MC.

An April 22, 2014 Update brought us the World Map and we were introduced to the Town and Christian the Bard/Chris Arwin the Assassin and, according to Silverhawk “a much cuter” Skull Pete.

May 13, 2014 changed the requirements for the Bow Figurine, Six-Paws and the Pirate Standard.

May 27, 2014 introduced us to Ancient Park (once called Old Park), the Chapel, Stone Fairy, Valeria’s Spirit, Uncle Vesnik and Oeland Silver Mane.  Up to this point, the Fairy Sculpture HOS was the most generous, paying out 75 coins instead of the normal 50.  This Update whisked that extra 25 coins away and in the blink of an eye, that meager cash cow was never more.

June 19, 2014 brought about changes to the Cauldron, Rune Altar, Bag, Chained Eagle and Secret Slab Zoom Zones so they no longer required crafted items to open.  This Update also changed the Fairy Sculpture to Elvish Bas-Relief, Mirrors to Mirror Nave, Winter Garden to Summer Garden HOSs and Dead Ambassador to Door Cache, Prison Cell to Bird Cage and Three Prisoners to Three Dragons ZZs.  Joining the cast of characters was Oberon, Unicorn and Griffin.  Oberon brought with him invasive green vines, mushrooms and elf spies who said one of the following when you clicked on them, “Mind your own business!”, “Hey!  Stop poking me!  You won’t like it if I poke you back!” and “I serve the Great Oberon, but I’m not a spy.  How could you think that?  I’m an ordinary explorer.”  (Courtesy of MaryCricket)

August 26, 2014 debuted the Android version of MC.

By September, 2014 we had a menagerie of 19 pets (Snow Griffin, Winged Cat, Emerald Dragon, Egghead Owl, Baby Pegasus, Purring Manticore, Treasured Phoenix, Flap-eared Puppy, Pink Piggy, Hopping Tiger, Sharp-eyed Snail, Voracious Lemur, Gold-bearing Turtle, Flirty Hippo, Nimble Squirrel, Spotted-winged Parrot, Good-natured Hedgehog, Plush Panda and Silly Seal).

In reply toRe: msg 6

There used to be a shield-type icon in the lower right-hand corner that was called “Clubs and Global Events.”  In September, 2014 that was changed to Tournaments.  Winning at the Tournaments brought the heretofore mentioned Hero and Heroine avatars and the Champion Cat pet (many players have asked about that pet).  The Tournament feature was discontinued in March 2017; so too the associated avatars and pet.  However, the players who were awarded those avatars and pet from the Tournaments still retain them.

October 22, 2014 brought Level 50 and the infamous black vines creeping over the scenery.  It’s a somewhat complicated story, but in a protect his people, the old King of the Gnomes, Franmar, trapped the Elemental of the Abyss inside his body and sealed himself in stone.  When Rudoguil freed him, the Elemental escaped and ran rampant all over the Castle.  Needing a tangible form to fulfill its plans, the Elemental possesses the Automaton, making it the embodiment of evil.  Jeronimo, guilt ridden for murdering the gnomes in Cloud City (in an effort to frame Chris Arwin because of jealousy involving Valeria) and poisoning the werewolves’ wells at the behest of Oberon, dons armor and the enhanced Spectral Blade and engages in a battle with the possessed Automaton.  He wins the battle and is a hero for saving Midnight Castle.

December of 2014 saw the first Winter Event which brought Achievements, Pets and Avatars amidst a beautiful holiday setting.

April, 2015 brought the first Spring Event and makeovers for 8 existing pets (hedgehog, panda, parrot, snail, squirrel, lemur, hippo and turtle).

Trina’s Room was new for September, 2015 and was created to honor Trina Mills, a very active player and Facebook member who tirelessly promoted MC by helping fellow players and initiating fun games.  In August 2017, Robyn passed away and in September 2017 she was memorialized in Trina’s Room.  Napoeon posted September 6, 2017 “A Final Goodbye to Apollo”, “I can’t stop thinking that Apollo/Robyn should be with Trina in the game forever.”  AuntieRoo said “ my game, I am going to name those two little puppies in there Shadow & Apollo” and GulfCoastGuppy added “An in game memorial or tribute to Robyn is a beautiful idea.  Small ID name collars on the wolf pups.  Apollo and Shadow, and a small robin (Robyn) perched somewhere in Trina’s room.”  Those were the very ideas the developers went with when memorializing Robyn.  And when Cynthia Gessner (Silver Fox) passed away in March, 2020, the community again came together, and a Silver Fox joined Trina and Robyn in July, 2020.  I personally felt the loss of another good friend, Jerry ‘Ice Man’, and there have been many, many others.  Medpetdoc suggested in her September, 2017 post that Trina’s Room be called the Room of Remembrance.  I like that.

In reply toRe: msg 7

October, 2015 debuted the first Fall Event and the December, 2015 Winter Event brought the new Christmas Private Room.

November 2016 many of the early quests were rebalanced; either the total number of a character’s tasks were decreased or the number of items asked for were decreased.  As a result, a player can practically fly through the original levels.

September 19, 2017 Update memorialized Robyn (apollogold, shadow) in Trina’s Room

I could go on and on and on, but we’d all age significantly if I did that.  LOL  Suffice it to say, Midnight Castle has grown incredulously over the past 7 years.  The game has 146 HOSs, 233 ZZs, over 50 characters, over 100 Achievements, over 160 Avatars and over 1,500 inventory items.

There are 12 Private Rooms, including the limited edition 5th Anniversary Room created at the behest of MaryCricket.

MC has enjoyed unparalleled growth due, in part, to the dedication and unwavering loyalty of all its players.  Players who fought for, and won, changes that facilitated gameplay; such as (1) changing gifting from 5 per day to 15 per day, (2) mousing over Fortune Wheel to see items’ names, (3) see friend’s name and ID on the gift sent, (4) adding search ability to inventory and crafting lists, (5) mousing over to see cost-to-buy item on friends’ wishlists, (6) requirements changing for the Bow Figurine and Bracelet of Seeing, (7) fixing Find Button on DQs, (8) change the Morphing Flowers to dance to make them easier to see, (9) getting rid of red “x’s” on crafting wheel, (10) ability to turn off Night Mode, etc.  There are probably many, many more, but these were the ones I thought of.

Players who rallied together and wouldn’t be denied the camaraderie nurtured through the years when the BF forum shut down.  Jenifer took the bull by the horns (and all those who helped her) and created a new home for us (Delphi), where all were welcome, free from the mods’ tyranny and the only rule was for everyone to behave as adults.

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I know this is very long and, believe me, I tried very hard to keep it short and sweet.  But there is something I touched on in other posts and wanted to put it all in one place here.  And that’s the little gems in the original dialog.  Before all the fairy tale nonsense and turning into children with paper boats, forts and peanut butter, there was some thoughtful dialog.

In Level 10, the Wise Dragon begins a quest with “For never was a story of more woe” that’s from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, “For never was a story of more woe, Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.”

In Level 16, the Wise Dragon quotes “To be or not to be?  That is the...” from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

In Level 17, the Wise Dragon says “a soldier who doesn’t desire to be a general is a bad soldier.”  (loosely accredited to Napoleon)

Also in Level 17, the learned Dragon quotes Latin, “Sic transit Gloria mundi (thus passes the glory of the world), which is also the title of a poem by Emily Dickinson.  In that poem, Ms. Dickinson references a “memento mori”, which is an inventory item in the game.

There is also the anonymous simile “Silent as the Sphinx.”

The Wise Dragon also says things like “the flow of the river of time is distorted” and “the waters of the river of time keep whispering.”  I believe the river of time is memory, maybe alluding to his past.  He also says “you return like the wind brings the wave to shores”, “you’ve earned my gratitude although I am but a grain of sand in the hands of eternity” and “dismay clutches my soul with icy fingers.”  I haven’t been able to find these quotes in any classics, but I’m sure they exist.

It was Honeyphan who noted the couple in the Hangman’s Pit in the Temple of Justice resembling Quasimodo and Esmeralda, noting “the corpse of the man definitely has a hunchback and the woman is dressed as a gypsy – they are in a pit, entwined...”  What a good eye!

In reply toRe: msg 9

ReallyHelpless posted on January 14, 2015, “the tiny purple Lord Chamberlain perched on the chained chest also pipes out ‘what fools you mortals be’ when you poke him...”  (From Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream)

Player madamling also noted that Oberon and the green fairy elves “resembled Robin ‘Puck’ Goodfellow in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.”  (Oberon is king of the fairies and he tells Puck (a shrewd and knavish sprite) to concoct a potion which, when dispensed on the eyelids of a sleeping person, that person, upon waking, falls in love with the first living thing they see.  Oberon wants to punish his Queen, Titania, for her disobedience and hopes with the potion she will fall in love with an animal of the forest.)

The term “bated breath” was used by Shakespeare in The Merchant in Venice (“Shall I bend low and in a bondman’s key, with bated breath and whisp’ring humbleness....”

Elsaemerald posted in 2017 that the Bremen Town musicians are from the Brothers Grimm story:  a cat, a dog, a donkey, a rooster and instruments.”

Player Parell noted the crafted item “Smoking Device”, whose description in the game is “This is not a pipe” is referencing the famous painting by Magritte, The Treachery of Images (Ceci n’est pas une pipe – This is not a pipe but a representation of a pipe).

1911fan, in February 2017, noted the ballerina in the Griffin Stall resembles a Degas work and the ballerina in the Unusual Dishes is Moira Shearer in the Red Shoes.

FionaN noticed the description of the Obedience Ring, “One to rule them all” is from the Lord of the Rings.  (Gandalf learned of the ring’s inscription from Isildur’s notes and when the ring was heated, the inscription appeared “One Ring to rule them all.  One Ring to find them.  One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.”)

In a more contemporary note, Fabulaparva noted in February 2015 the famous quote from The Godfather movie “It’s an offer they can’t refuse.”  (Level 46 Pinfeathers sends to Oeland and his 2nd task titled Generous Offer says “I made an offer to Lilian and Chris.  It’s one they can’t refuse.”  And in Level 99, the Lord of Darkness’ 10th task is titled “An Offer You Can’t Refuse.”

It may seem weird or strange to some, but this has been a labor of love for me and I enjoyed very much gathering all the information.  The only thing that could have made it better was to have taken notes from the very beginning.  And, believe it or not, this is the condensed version!  I hope everyone enjoys the walk down memory lane and, keeping fingers crossed, throwing salt over shoulder, knock on wood, find a four-leaf clover and rabbit’s foot...have I missed any?....that MC continues on for a few more years.