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Trina wants "The Magic Shard"   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started Feb-5 by Mara1022; 857 views.

From: Mara1022


Hey All,

I was going to post this in "Gifts, wishes... and random pleas for help" but it looks like the last posting there was in 2019 so I was afraid no one would see it. wink

Trina wants 200 Magic Shards, I have 79 of what I believed to be just shards but are they actually Magic Shards?   grin


How do I get more?  I got the 79 I have now, mostly from cruising the rooms and randomly do the HOS when I'm bored (lol).  But since I've got Trina asking for 200, it'll take forever to get that many, that way.  Is this just a nuance of the game and I have to be patient?  or  Do I have to disenchant things to get them? or  Do whatever else that I don't know?  worried

Thanks for any help I get.  


From: Honeyphan


Pretty much, it is just a matter of patience.

In one of the baby games I'm playing, she also is asking for 200 shards, and yeah, I know what you mean in it taking for-e-ver. lol

You can get them by going to your inventory and "sharding" anything you don't need or think you will need in the near future. On occasion, they do drop from the HOS scenes, and you can also get them from clicking on the golden butterflies in the private rooms - though when there isn't an event, getting shards that way doesn't happen as often, I've noticed. Sometimes they also come through the chest there. I think you can also get them on occasion from clicking on the morphing flowers in all the areas, when one comes up at the top (a shard) to get as a prize for clicking 5 flowers ...

But the fastest way to get them is to sell inventory.

You can also sell crafts, though watch your coin and stamps if you go that route -

When you get to ice breaths - (the level they become available) - you may want to put that on your wishlist to get a lot of shards that way. (and it helps work toward the Magic Miser  achievement)

Making spring wreaths and sharding those is something I did a lot of last spring event. :)

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From: Mara1022


Thanks Honeyphan, these are some excellent ideas and thoughts.  


From: Mara1022


Yeah, so....  I sell off some stuff to make the full 200 shards she wants and what do you think the next thing she wants.  ANOTHER 200!!!!   Sorry, didn't mean to yell like that.  But that lady is crazy!!


From: Honeyphan


I hear ya, Mara! lol

Getting keys from Trina requires a lot of patience and sometimes time - but it is so worth it to open the rooms so as to take part in the events! :)

(and sometimes change out unwanted/unliked furniture ;-))

Just about every 2nd quest Trina wants shards.  Always has done, probably always will.  A lot of players only do Trina Quests when they work in with DQs or other quests they are on.  You need Trina keys to open private rooms and to buy furniture in the rooms.  My attitude to Trina is that she will always be there and as long as I have a key or two to open the next room it does not matter how long it takes to complete her quests.

As Honey said, when you get to the level where you can request the ice breath do so. Usually you work out with a friend or two and do the "Ice Breath Swap"  They buy an ice breath, send it to you, you shard it, buy an ice breath and send it back to your friends.  They have a high shard value and cost 290 coins to buy, but a fortune to craft.  

I did this with my friends and still send off the odd ice breath to those who need it.   Playing the private rooms during events gives you a good coin base to do things like this.

Sometimes your pets will bring you shards & you may get some from regular HOS, as well as from the butterflies in private rooms.


From: Goldie333


Today I was thinking about how often the shards drop from the butterflies in the private rooms during the seasonal events, and then I realized I visit the private rooms more often during the seasonal events and it probably just feels like they drop more.  So then I had an "aha" moment and decided to visit my private room and one other private room after I do every 2 HOS and click on the butterflies to get shards.  It seems to be working well.  Once in a while no shards drop, but normally I get 1 or 2 per visit.


From: LvlSlgr


Goldie333 said:

visit my private room and one other private room after I do every 2 HOS and click on the butterflies to get shards.

That's what I've been doing for a very long time. You'd be surprised how many you can accumulate that way. And it probably takes less than a minute. When you're doing the rounds most areas have 2 HOS in them. Do those 2 then go to the private rooms before moving to the next area. 


From: Tannie2018


If you are high enough level, put Ice Breath on your wish list to trade with friends. They send one to you, and you shard it. You will get 40 shards. Then you send one back to them at a cost of 340 coin I believe. This is by far the easiest, fastest way to get shards.

Before Ice Breaths were in game, I use to craft items to shard for the achievement. It generally cost about 2,000 coin to craft not to mention the stamps required. So 340 coin is peanuts compared to what it use to cost me.


From: EllyV


don't concentrate on her, you will get sooo frustrated. (I gave her house arrest for a few monthswink).

I just have her sit in the background, doing other stuff like DQ's or just rounds of HOSSES.

you don't need the keys to play the events, just to open parts of the rooms where you can change the furniture. this you can do all year around.

I hope you find a way to "deal" with her that is comfortable for you.

have fun, Elly