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Friends of Suenamie   Friends

Started Feb-26 by Suenamie5; 2865 views.

From: Suenamie5


I am in the process of moving to Arizona and I just switched computers.  I wrote to Big Fish that I need my games transferred and they told me that I would basically only get some things back but would not get my achievements, ghosts and other flying items or my avatars!!  I find that weird because when my old computer crashed 4 years ago I got everything back but my friends (I wrote all my friend codes down).  

My Suenamie3 game is emptied out but I hope to get back my Suenamie and Suenamie2.  Hope to be back on soon.  I wish I had backed up my 2 games but it didn't occur to me since Big Fish helped me 4 years ago. Hope all is well and that everyone is safe from Covid!!  My son got Covid but isolated in his bedroom and neither me or my friend that we live with got it!!  He was sick for 9 days and then he was back to normal.  My friend and I are both disabled so it might have been bad for us!!  

I've been playing for 6 years and don't want to stop nowheart_eyesblush.  I have the best friends that I play with or have played with all this time!!

Happy gaming!!!!!


  • Edited February 26, 2021 7:17 pm  by  Suenamie5

Hi Suenamie5,  Use Dhyani's instructions to transfer your games.  It worked for my friend who transferred 5 games from her old computer to her new computer.  She did this after waiting for months for Big Fish to do so.

We have been game friends for years so I look forward to hearing your progress.

Trixie, Myrtle, Silky, Catti & Pouncy Cat

Shylo (shylo2425)

From: Shylo (shylo2425)



As Trixie Belle suggested, follow Dhyani's instructions, and your game and all that's in it will be saved. I did my laptop last Dec when I was having issues with my touch screen which ultimately forced me to get another laptop. I followed the instructions which are very easy and I saved every single thing.

I wish you good luck. It seems scary in the beginning, but actually it really wasn't.


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From: Suenamie5


Thank you for the advice about following Dhyani's instructions.  She is such a helpful person with game problems and a friend of mine for several years!  My son is really busy so I will have to wait about a week for him to replug in my old PC so I can do that.  We're moving in a month and I really want to fix my games before we move!  I know I have known you guys for years and I really enjoy the game again now that I am only actively playing my main game.  I have a crap load of inventory on my Suenamie2 game so I want to be able to gift that game out.



Shylo (shylo2425)

From: Shylo (shylo2425)


Good luck Sue..... I look forward to your return. Moving is stressful enough, but if your son can help you get your other game/s up and running before that move, it will relieve all that extra stress.


Shylo blush

Look forward to seeing you back soon.

ugh. contact Elephant.  They will do more for you than Big Fish.   Nevermind you contacted bigfish already.

" Use Dhyani's instructions to transfer your games.  It worked for my friend who transferred 5 games from her old computer to her new computer. "

Please add the link here (to the instructions) 

Crazy, as their help desk USE TO be great with a simple transfer (not so much if game lost during a glitch),

Hi Sue

Good luck with your move. I hope everything goes smoothly - I don't envy you with all that packing and unpacking.

I've just bought a new laptop. I'm hoping if I transfer everything to except my games. That way it should last longer fingers crossed. I hope your son can transfer your games intact for you. One less thing to worry about. 

Take care and stay safe