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Spring event when? Should I go dormant and wait for it?   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Feb-28 by GrammaQT; 915 views.

From: GrammaQT


Hello, Fellow Stormers of the Castle,

I’m looking for advice from those with more experience.

Years ago I quit this game because the lack of coins was preventing me from moving forward,  so I fear game poverty now.

In my newest incarnation of this game I’m better off, (more coins, friends, jewels, pets) but, I’m concerned about running out of  the coins I accumulated during the Winter Event. With the costs of opening HOSes and ZZs increasing (Level 47 and upwards) what should I do?

* Should I “take a break,” so as not to spend my existing coins/jewels until the Spring Event, when I can accumulate more?

* Is there a certain time when the Spring Event begins?  (Generally when, approximately?) How does one know it’s coming, if one is taking a break?

*  As it’s Saturday night, and the Chardonnay has kicked in, I can’t remember my final question, but stay tuned, I’ll probably wake up from a deep sleep at 4AM remembering it.  I’ll try to be quiet, so as not to wake you all when I post it in lower case letters.  LOL.

Your help and answers are greatly appreciated.  

If you feel like it, you could the the Daily Quests as far as you want to.  I am doing some with the time I have available.  If they ask for airship items I tend not to do that unless it fits in with a Trina Quest.  I do Trina quests for the rooms keys, the DQ's for the pet medallions.  It they want to much inventory I give them a miss.

You could also do whatever jigsaw puzzles you have available.  A guaranteed 50 coins for each one, sometimes a diamond, stamp or whatever item you choose to play for.  If I have a DQ that needs you to go to the same place several times, I play the puzzle for the diamonds to open it.  I tend not to use an amulet for no cooldown as I often don't have the time to use it to its full potential.

You might choose to do a combination, say 20 HOS each time you go in to gift and 4 jigsaws.  Whatever floats your boat & works for you.  

I have several active games and try to do a bit on each game each day.  Sometimes I might just go in & gift.  I took a long break from play last year so I just do whatever I feel like.

Everyone plays their game differently so whatever works for you will be best for you.


From: AEGram


GrammaQT said:

Is there a certain time when the Spring Event begins?  (Generally when, approximately?) How does one know it’s coming, if one is taking a break?

There is no certain time when any of the events begin. No one knows when it's coming, whether they're taking a break or playing. The download is "just there" one day, someone notices and posts to the forum to let others know.

That said, here are the times Spring Event has started in the past:

April 2, 2015 PC;   April 20, 2015 iOS
April 7, 2016 PC;   April 12, 2016 iOS;    April 11, 2016 Android
April 9, 2017
March 22, 2018 PC;   March 23, 2016 iOS;   March 22, 2018 Android
April 11, 2019 PC;   April 12, 2019 iOS and Android
April 3, 2020


From: AEGram


Regarding your other questions.....should you take a break? ..................Hmmmmm, the answer to this one, only you can determine. 

IF you take a break, you aren't earning any coins, stamps, airship items, pet food to be available for during an event or an update. When I was leveling up and got low on coins, I'd stop leveling up for a day or so and just do some rounds to build up inventory and coins. ALSO.....when leveling up, you will reach a point where any place you need to go is still in cooldown. At that time, I would go into every available HOS to play that one to build coins and inventory. Many times, when you've finished going into all available HOSs, the place you need to go is available to play again.

Playing puzzles is a "quick fix" to get a particular item you need, but it cheats you in the long run. When you get the item from an HOS, you also get an airship item and randomly a stamp or pet food. These stamps are critical to advancing in the game. It's easier to build coins by visiting HOSs than it is to build stamps by going there since the stamps are random.

When each event becomes available, I recommend to all players who are still leveling up to set aside the leveling for the duration of the event. Get a bunch of friends, play as many of their event rooms as you have time each day. You will be totally amazed at how many coins you have at event's end, BUT it will seriously amaze you to see the amount of stamps, airship items and pet food you also get. 

These are just suggestions....options to consider. But, ultimately, only you can decide whether to stop for awhile or continue until the event starts.

Oodie (Oodeveer)

From: Oodie (Oodeveer)


Hello GrammaQT........I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “take a break” but what I would suggest is that you continue to play all the HOS currently available to you and build up your coin. Don’t worry about leveling up until after the Spring Event. I would also do as Trixie Belle mentioned and play the puzzles whenever you can in addition to playing the HOS. You’ll get 50 coin for every puzzle you complete and, if you play the puzzles on a regular basis, you can learn the gaming child’s routine and win diamonds as well as other items you can sell for coin.

I hope this helped and you continue to enjoy storming the castle!

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From: GrammaQT


Thanks, AEGram, you have helped me clarify some things I have been considering.  In some cases, my instincts have been correct-ish.  Your advice is well taken.


From: GrammaQT


Thanks for answering me.  I may have used “Take a  break” incorrectly.  I acquired a number of friends during the Halloween/Autumn Event, and some of them are Taking  a break.  They are not receiving or giving gifts.  (I wish they were partying in Hawaii, but more likely, they are sprawled across their beds with the blankets drawn above their heads wishing this horrendous pandemic nightmare was finally over.)

I appreciate your advice...Yes maybe I should not consider leveling up until after the Spring Event.  

Many thanks. 

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From: Cynbrat1


They look like they go by whenever the holiday comes on the calendar, ie Xmas/NYE, Easter, Halloween etc. Last winter it started about 2 weeks before Xmas.

Best I can do at predicting the future on MC.