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COINS!!!   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started Feb-28 by Mara1022; 776 views.

From: Mara1022


To everyone who replied with such great gems of wisdom regarding Trina and her Magic Shards (sounds like a movie title) THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  I availed myself of all your advice and have her under control (at the moment) and am overflowing in keys now.  

I must be doing something wrong or there must be a strategy I haven't thought of, but my coin level rarely goes higher than 4 digits before I have to spend them.  Then I spend the next 2 hours cruising through the Castle and surrounding grounds in order to collect 10-20 coins in each HOS to build them up again, only to get hit with a need for another 8,000 then another 8,000.  So far, the strategies I've used (besides the mind numbing idea above) are:

  • Sell excess inventory (but, what is "excess"?, lol)
  • Craft items that don't need coins and then sell them
  • Feed each/all of my pets when I don't need an item, then they pay off in lots of coins (but I run low of food)
  • Send out the cargo ship as often as I can.
  •  ???

So, I'm asking for some tips and advice on how to accumulate coins more quickly and efficiently,  if anyone would be so kind to assist. 

Thank you.


From: Hirento


Hi Mara, relaxed

If your available HO's are maxed out, they should yield 50 coins each.

Also, do you have any puzzles collected? If you do them when you are in need, they give 50 coins guaranteed, and when you get the hang of them almost certainly an object or two to sell. I do them not for coins but for diamonds.

Other than that, sounds like you've got it covered. This is why the Events are so longed-for. Playing the friends' rooms give so much coin compared to the regular HOs.

Good luck!

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From: LvlSlgr


In my opinion, the easiest way to accumulate coins is to NOT spend them. Why be in a rush to level up when you're probably going to have to wait 3-4 months until the next update of the content?? And, yes, I used to do the same thing but finally learned just go slow and take my time. There's no reason to rush. Also, when I do have to make a "purchase" for the content I make a point of accumulating the coins before spending them instead of the other way around.

The Spring Event will probably be here in about 4-6 weeks and you can really rack up the coins by playing the HOS in the Private Rooms of your friends. Most of these give you 250 coins per HOS.

Good luck!


From: AEGram


Not to discourage you, but I can see pitfalls to each of your items listed.

Sell excess inventory -- In theory, it's a good idea, but there are only about 60 inventory items that are what I consider to be nearly useless -- they are only used to craft one or two items. Those are the only inventory items I would consider selling off. Even at that, I would maintain at least 20-25 in inventory to craft those single items for which they are needed.

Craft items and sell them -- this can be a very perilous ploy. Even though the items don't need coins, they DO need stamps. The Ancestor's Spirit, requires 5 Unusual and 3 Unique stamps. I can almost guarantee you that if you craft this one repeatedly, you will soon run out of Unique stamps. (I did when I started out). ...IF you allow your stamp inventory to go down to zero, the game is far less generous with randomly giving one to you. (When I totally ran out of Unique Stamps early in my game, it took me 3 days of playing as many hours as I could each day just to get ONE of them. I soon learned to keep at a very minimum 20 of each stamp [50 is far better] in inventory to get the game to continue to give them to me.)

Feed pets even when you don't need something -- When the game was created, pet chests didn't give any inventory. (I forgot to document when this change occurred.) This is the least harmful suggestion you mentioned, but if you run out of a particular pet food, the game is stingy with giving it. Plus, there may be a time (during a Castle Challenge or during game play) that you really need/want to feed a particular pet and are unable to do so because you ran out of food.

Sending the airship -- This, too will yield you coins, but use up airship inventory you may need/want during a Castle Challenge. Certainly, if you don't care about the CCs, this can be a good source of coins.

You mentioned when you do the rounds that you get 10 - 20 coins from each one. This is confusing to me because surely by now you have some of your rooms maxed out. Each of them should yield 50 coins when completed. Sometimes you'll get a 15-coin bundle instead of an item when completing an HOS. the basic to get more coins faster....Well, do the rounds, do the rounds, do the rounds. This means for 3-4 days just enter every available HOS in your game as many times as you have available to play during the day. True, you can also play the puzzles for 50 coins, but I can finish an HOS in less time than it takes to get the 3 items loaded, puzzle put together, and play against the kiddo. PLUS, when I play the HOS, I also get a guaranteed airship item and a smattering of inventory, stamps, and pet food.

The events are your best friend....get at least 100 friends. Use the "request for event friends" threads to get IDs for those players who don't necessarily want to exchange gifts normally, but who want friends for being able to enter their event rooms. Of those 100 friends, most likely 85 or so will be showing at least one of the relative event rooms. Don't level up at all during the events that last between 30-40 days. Play, play, play, play as many friends' HOss as you have time.

You can easily earn 1 to 2 million coins during an event with this many friends. Plus, you will also have a great deal of stamps, pet food, and airship items added to your doesn't stop there. You ALSO have a ton of event items in excess beyond what's required to craft any new pets that you can either convert to shards for Trina's quests (to get the Golden Key needed to open a private room) or to use to make room upgrades OR you can convert the extra items for coins.

I do recommend carrying forward 50 of each event item to help you during the next event of that type. Plus, I don't recommend selling/disenchanting any of the carrots, holiday wands, or ghost traps. They become very valuable during subsequent events.

Sorry for the length....but you did ask.


From: Mara1022


Hirento, thank you so much for the info about the puzzles - yes, I have 25 completed puzzles.  I didn't know I could just keep recycling them for coins.  I will definitely do that!!!

I know what you mean about longing for the next Event.  I had no idea how valuable they were until the last one was done.  I didn't even know there was so much time in between Events.  I'll take more full advantage of the next one.  If only I realized just how much I would need this huge amount of coins.  Oh well, we play and learn.  

I'm spending more time reading the MC Guide that was written.  I had to download it and enlarge the print because my eyesight isn't very good which means it takes  a lot of time.  That's time taken away from playing the game but I'm finding it's worth it, I'm learning some great stuff.

Anyway, thanks again for the puzzle tip.  Happy gaming!!!

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From: Mara1022


Yes AEGram - I did ask and THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your lengthy reply.  That's exactly what I was hoping to get.  BTW - thank you too, for all the time and effort and TALENT you dedicated to writing the MC Guide.  It's fantastic!!!

I misspoke in the number of coins I get doing HOS.  I DO get 50 coins for most.  And I DO "do the rounds, do the rounds, do the rounds" (lol) for hours at a time.  It just gets hard on the eyes and I find myself falling asleep sleeping after a while.  But the timing is perfect I can just keep cycling through the 3 locations I have open to me.  (I'm at level 44 now.)  I play the MC for about 6-8 hours a day, sometimes longer, since I don't have much else that I CAN do.  It's very quickly taking over all the time I was spending playing Farmville 2 on Zynga, and there are days I'd have that game open and playing it all day long - into the wee hours of the morning.

I'm looking forward to getting further into the game.   I'm not a passive player, it's just not my nature.  So this game is therapeutic for me, in a way, because it makes me slow down a little. 

Anyway, your feedback is warmly welcomed. So thank you again, for your opinion on each of my ideas.  It's exactly what I needed. smile_catgrinningsunglasses

Another thing  I did when I was running out of coins in the dim, dark ages, was to set myself the goal of making double the amount of coin needed to craft the item.  Just another take on doing the rounds with a definite goal in sight.  I now do DQ's as far as I can as a way of doing HOS in between updates.  I work them in with Trina quests where I can.

The one thing we are not short on in this game is time to finish a scene.   I play other games where you have to complete an HOS in a certain time, which was a big shock after playing MC for so long.


From: Mara1022


Thanks Trixie Belle. I am enjoying the game having slowed down a bit.  wink

No worries, enjoy the game however you decide to play it.  The age old mantra is "It is a marathon, not a sprint."