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Spring event when to expect it? How will we know it is happening?   Welcome!

Started Mar-1 by GrammaQT; 564 views.

From: GrammaQT


Hello everyone,

I played this game some years ago, but quit.  Now I have a couple of questions, your knowledge/experience will be appreciated.

1.  When (in your experience) does the Spring Event typically start? (March...April...May...?)

2.  How does one know when the Event has started?  (I only found out the Autumn Event had started through a conversation on this forum, so I probably missed a bit of play time...). How does everyone find out a new event has started?

Thanks all.  ????????

Posted earlier today:

From: AEGram


GrammaQT said:

Is there a certain time when the Spring Event begins?  (Generally when, approximately?) How does one know it’s coming, if one is taking a break?

There is no certain time when any of the events begin. No one knows when it's coming, whether they're taking a break or playing. The download is "just there" one day, someone notices and posts to the forum to let others know.

That said, here are the times Spring Event has started in the past:

April 2, 2015 PC;   April 20, 2015 iOS
April 7, 2016 PC;   April 12, 2016 iOS;    April 11, 2016 Android
April 9, 2017
March 22, 2018 PC;   March 23, 2016 iOS;   March 22, 2018 Android
April 11, 2019 PC;   April 12, 2019 iOS and Android
April 3, 2020

Also you should notice changes in your game when and event starts. For the Spring event an Easter Bunny sits at the dice table, the morphing flowers become morphing eggs  and the children in front of the castle are dressed in their Easter best these are just some of the changes in the game to look for. Otherwise just keep checking the forum........


From: LvlSlgr


Hi GrammaQT,

AEGram pretty much answered your questions in response to questions you posted earlier in the thread "Spring event when? Should I go dormant and wait for it?" It's message number three in that thread. 

Spring event when? Should I go dormant and wait for it? (

Good luck with the game.