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Update Downloads, but Hangs During Install   Technical Issues

Started Mar-2 by Playbelle; 407 views.

From: Playbelle



For those of you using Windows 10 and the Big Fish Game Manger, this might help if you are having trouble with update installation.  

If the Game Manger downloads the update, but just stays at 0% during installation, there's a good chance that your Administrator Permissions window is hiding behind the Big Fish Game Manager window instead of popping up on top of the Game Manager window (so you aren't seeing the window to grant permission for the changes).  

If this is the case, what you need to do is minimize the Big Fish Game Manager window (click on the minus - sign in the upper right corner).  You will get a warning about this, but allow it to continue so you can minimize (not close) the window.

If permissions is indeed the problem, you should now see the Administrator Permissions pop up, asking whether to allow changes to your device.  Click "yes".  Then go back into your Big Fish Games Manager (click on the highlighted Game Manager icon on your taskbar).  Make sure you are in the "Queue" tab in the left column.  Click the tiny little "play" button next to your Midnight Castle update (at the end of the line, so small you can barely tell what it is).  That should fix it.

If there is nothing in the Queue, click on "Options" in the upper right, then click on the "Downloads" tab. Do a manual check for updates and proceed from there.

Hopefully this will get you up and running with the latest update.  The Administrator Permission window used to (and should) pop up on top of the Big Fish Game Manger window, but some glitch started making it hide behind it instead.  At least there is a workaround.

Happy gaming! relaxed


From: dairrr


hey hi

news i gathered has told me, that because every version of windows is in the throes of  being  unsupported for all time including windows 10 that any uploading , downloading that involves the cloud will experience woes...

 which has nothing to do with companies that claim they can keep us safe from hackers once our version of windows is fully complete at being unsupported... 

windows 10 X is only being offered to  businesses  and the moment and will not be made available to the public at large until some time in 2022....

windows 10 X can not be downloaded will never be made available for download..

In reply toRe: msg 2

From: Playbelle


Hi Dairrr,

I finally checked into this.

Based on what I researched, Windows 10X was originally intended for dual screen use, but they are also releasing a single screen version of 10X.  It looks like they only introduced the concept for Windows 10X last year.

I also found multiple sources that confirm that the regular Windows 10 version will continue to be supported by Microsoft until/through 2025 (at least).  Good news for me, I'm in no hurry to buy yet another version that I probably won't like as well as what I had before. It's been a steady downhill since Windows 8 in my opinion. 

You're right about companies claiming to keep you safe on an unsupported version of Windows being fake.  Once a version is no longer supported by Microsoft, it's a bad idea to believe that antivirus companies can really protect your computer and data; cringe and buy the new version.  At least they will give you plenty of warning before they stop the support, just like they did when they were going to stop supporting Windows 7 (I had periodic reminders for over a year before support ended).

As for the cloud woes, I think we can all count on that one anyway, no matter what device or platform we are using.  The world is full of a lot of people using a lot of data.  Often the servers just can't keep up.  Could they improve, maybe, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

And the hackers -- no doubt they will continue to get more ingenious no matter what security features are invented (it's amazing how hard some people will work to avoid getting an honest job). So, we take whatever precautions we can.

In the meantime, happy gaming.