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SENIORS   Fletcher's Tea Room and Bar

Started 4/18/18 by CHARLIE (charlieisr); 33882 views.

From: GaviTn


well I'll be 80 in January. guess that makes me a Senior, course I feel like 55, look 60 and take care of grandsons. lost of youngest of my 5 children September 2018, its been a rough go but Good Lord willing we will all survive. So glad I'm not the only old one that has played from the beginning. Lost several computers because of my addiction to the game. I also play Emerland on BigFish. GaviTn


From: datsalotta


Hey Gavi-Tn !! - Just popped into seniors thread and it's been a while, then there you are ((: What up with 2 times in as many weeks that we're in touch LOL

I suppose Tn stands for Tennessee??

I turn age 69 Dec. 15 this year. Retired but keep active. I volunteer, do some yard work and get around in my Subaru which I love.

Congrats on all your grandchildren. I have one grandson. That's all. There's a picture of me on my profile but you need a magnifying glass to see what I look like LOL. Not bad for an old broad (as they say).

I have played MC for 5 years, since Dec. 2014. I will check to see if we are friends then we can keep in touch with pms OK? The Anniversary Event was a great surprise.

datsalotta aka *piesy and datsdat


From: GaviTn


my goodness, how do you keep track of all three names??? I have enough with just one. Play Emerland and work on Family History, check my Facebook once in a while (lol), still weeding out the fence yard at the new place, 

Yes Tn stands for Tennessee, live for a long time. Where are you at? At 80,  I have forgotten, trying most of the time to keep track of where the grand kids are!

Have to let the dog out AGAIN. 

Talk late, GaviTn