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...tip toes out of lurking mode...   Archives

Started 5/29/18 by ScarletteSpider (Scarlette667); 5014 views.

Hi Y'alls!

Allow me to introduce myself...I'm ScarletteSpider (or just Scarlette or Scar if characters are too limited). I am a daily gamer, play all my games multiple times daily, gift daily (when applicable), and helper daily (when applicable). 

I'm new to the forum but not to the game or BF. 

I also am a gaming broadcaster at Twitch demonstrating that Casual Games are not lame anymore getting everyone to try our style of games. Currently working towards becoming sponsored by Big Fish and Twitch as a professional gamer broadcaster. If you don't know what Twitch is, it's like looking up game plays in You Tube but on steroids since the broadcasters are live not recorded, there is live texting with your broadcaster host so you can get tips and tricks in live conversations, and its great fun to hang out with others and watch how a game is played. great resource for checking out all sorts of games before buying. 

and if you would like to add me my friend code is in the add friends PC list

and should i see you around the castle, remember that my forte is making sure everyone has an escape route as rogue rear guard. (table toppers will know what that means lol)

Kattlyn Raven (cindykat325)

Welcome Scarlette, no need to Lurk here... join the fun!

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


A spider you say.... interesting


I'm not a gamer, just a friendly Delphi mentor but I wanted to welcome you to the site!


From: SharpEye1


Hi Cindy.....Love, love your signature! relaxed

Kattlyn Raven (cindykat325)

Thank you - Kid had to give me instructions - it didn't want to upload


From: LadyAstra



Welcome!  I'm tickled to hear that someone on Twitch is streaming casual games!  What games do you stream?  Just casuals, or others?


since you asked Astra, currently i'm getting ready to move july 1st, so not on my usual streaming schedule until i get set up in new digs. but when i am back to normal i stream a wide variety of stuff in the H.O.G., match 3, time mgmt, and builder genre's. 

I'll be doing all the Dark Parables, Awakening, and Love Chronicles series' as well as the daily online ones like MC.  from the time mgmt genre, i particularly like the ones where u have to clear the paths and build the stuffs, i call those colony builders and i have a huge selection of series to do for those. Gardens Inc, Northern Tale, Viking Brothers, Incredible Dracula series' to name a few. for the match 3 stuff it's whatever tickles my fancy cuz i got a huge inventory of those too. also in time mgmt, theres a diff style of games i call conveyor belts. the Delicious Emily/Fabulous Angela, Sally's Salon, Maggies Movies are the ones of this type i like because the stories are cute. don't usually play this type of game cuz gaming is suppose to be relaxing for me, and conveyor belt games stress me out lol. 

Then there's the virtual world building, that is my true passion. I play City Skylines, Planet Coaster, and Second Life and that's where i spend most of my streaming time, creating worlds. Second Life for those that don't know, is a Virtual Universe so to call it a game is selling it waaaay short. in nearly 10 yrs of playing SL I've gone from newbie to intermediate builder/designer. all the games we all love to play...i know how to make all the stuff inside all those games from scratch, including the scripting that makes it interactive. 

when i get moved, and get my ducks inna row there will be links at my twitch site to go see all the goodies i make and lists of all the games i've played as well as a "coming soon" list.

thank you for asking

ScarletteSpider (Scarlette667) said:

thank you for asking

We didn't.


From: mmpendo


HeatherSassyBee (FluffyBee) said:

ScarletteSpider (Scarlette667) said: thank you for asking

We didn't.

But but LadyAstra did ask. I'm not sure what's going on here. 

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