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DQs during events   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started 4/16/21 by Jenny MC (cbtx) (cbtx1); 1697 views.

Maybe I am missing something, but what is the point of doing a DQ during this dull and uninteresting spring "event" ( sort of like declaring having a cup of coffee an "event" LOL ) ?

I mean, they either require you to bore yourself waiting on certain floaters, or waste assets to make a spring cake, or waste assets to send the airship (surprise, surprise), and the reward is a smiley, a pet medallion, and a couple of colored eggs ---- then, a treasure box with spring a-head, jester cap, donkey tail, donkey mask, candle end, frame, or other absolutely useless junk we do not need. Colored eggs? masks, frames, hats, etc.? To do what with? These are items needed long, long ago and have zero practical use now ----- so why are these a "reward"? Because the devs are simply repeating the events ---- AGAIN.

Now I surely appreciate the opportunity to earn coins and airship items in the new room as well as a few diamonds along the way. All these are necessary (diamonds being the hard currency of the game with multiple uses ---- can't believe there are those who don't see the many different advantages of having plenty of diamonds to work with) to the game. But that other junk? Why?

Maybe I am missing something here, but it just looks like another example of the carelessness the devs are showing this game ---- such disrespect for a classic like MC is astonishing.


From: Honeyphan


Well, for those of us with baby games - just starting out - I am so thankful for those colored eggs and other pet items given long ago and now available only through the DQs. I would have never gotten the pets I needed/wanted without the help of the DQs (and my friends, of course.) And never been able to do that CC for the pet task last week.

Thing is, there are always new people joining this game - if you look on the Bigfish site, it is still one of the top 10 downloads. Always newbies, always wanting what was offered in the past (with pets, etc.) Like the tournaments that are only a memory for some now - and I am so disappointed I never got to play them - having joined after they ended and being endlessly teased with the "Coming Soon" sign when you click on it. lol

The Consortium is wonderful - but eventually, one day, the items they offer might no longer exist to help new players, if we didn't have the old items given in the daily challenge, to keep those stock levels high.

Any game if you play it over and over, endlessly, year after year, gets old. Yes, I can see that you would want a new mode of playing something different after having played MC so long - I certainly get that - but all games are like that. The ones you pay for - but especially the free to play ones. It's all about repetition with those kinds of games. But MC (and a few others) still make it fun.

Maybe you might try one of the other free to play games for awhile, if you're getting bored with MC and wish to take a short break from it. That might help break the monotony. I personally am really enjoying Wanderland - it's no longer updated with new content - but there is a lot there and Steam supports it, so it is viable (friends, etc). - IOW, still online. I've been playing daily for almost two months, and love it. :) Especially the tournaments are a lot of fun, as well as other aspects of the game.

Just a suggestion. :)

Sun (sunriserain)

From: Sun (sunriserain)


Honeyphan, that is a lovely answer and approach to a poster who seems to only complain. 
thank you.


Depends on your point of view as to whether comments are complaints or a push to see an outstanding game get even better as opposed to it getting so stale that too many players lose interest and all of a sudden the announcement is made ----- "Hi everyone,

The decision has been made to make no further updates to (insert name of game)"

And BF has done this many times to many of their FTP games. Thinking of "Found" as an example. When the devs of that game (Elephant, btw) made no changes and just left it on the vine, players left in droves resulting in the end of Found. I just don't want to see that happen here. 

As to your snide comment, perhaps you could take a little time to actually read more of my posts, and you would find that I have complimented the game and the devs over and over ---- and I think I can speak for ALL players when I say I don't want the game to come to an unexpected and sudden end. So I point out things that I think need changing as constructive criticism, not complaining.

It's getting where I can not offer my thoughts, opinions, and what I feel are constructive criticisms without you coming behind me to disagree in your Pollyanna disguise. It's really a bit unnerving.

True, I don't have "baby" games (unnecessary to simply enjoy the game, imo)

True, I don't screech and marvel in wonder at new "cute" things in the game.

But, unfortunately, it is also true that your experience with the game is limited, to put it kindly. You even said recently that you saw no point in having a lot of diamonds (the hard currency of the game with a multitude of uses) or airship items, etc. Yet you think we need to keep plenty of old items available for the consortium. LOL  There are things that fall by the wayside as the game moves on, and as new players come in, they may find certain pets, avatars, etc. no longer available. So?? I would like to have the pet "Champion" (the big orange cat) that was only available as a tournament achievement. But I was not good enough at the tournaments, so I do without, and you know what? The game goes right on without that particular pet, and new ones (and better ones) are now available. BTW, the tournament was suspended because certain people found a way to cheat the results, and the devs have been unable to find a solution for that. No one is "teasing" anyone, IMO.

Insofar as being in the "Top 10" ---- all I can say is that if you believe the list created by BF for the benefit of BF ---- good for you. I do not.

As to the DQs, I did not mean to imply that "rewards" should disappear ---- what I mean is that, once again, the devs could bring the game into 2021 and maybe offer those items IN ADDITION TO some of the newer items. Offer more types of things beyond what the game did 4 years ago. Don't just stick with the same old boring things so that long time players DO NOT leave, and new players will continue to begin. Without both groups, the game does not have a bright future. (see above regarding "Found").

And, to your advice about what I should do with my game time ----I have been bored with the game for a long time, and I really only come in to gift my friends, see what's new if anything, and not much else. I don't need a break from the game ---- I need a break from the devs inattention to the game. I'm not so addicted to the game that I play nothing else, or have "baby" games, or hunt for posters that offer suggestions and criticisms that are offered so I can dispute their thoughts, ideas, or comments.

I'm glad you are loving the game, but before you rush to be judgmental of me, perhaps you could consider that I am looking for ways to ensure the game will be here for ALL players, old and new, for a long time to come. And, IMO, the way to do that is to continue to let the devs know what we really think. That is ALWAYS how change was brought about in the old BF Forum (which you obviously have never read or know anything about) and it worked more often the not. And if all the newbie Pollyannas continue to jump on suggestions that are made to benefit the game, it is NOT beneficial.

I have said it before, and I will say it once more ---- Midnight Castle is one of the very best games created in the last decade, and done so by a team of brilliant, outstanding developers who have been amazing, attentive, and extremely creative. But in the past couple of years they have started to let things slide, and are not giving this classic the attention and fresh, innovative ideas it absolutely deserves. And that does not bode well for the future of the game as history clearly shows. And if you or anyone else don't like reading that ---- too bad. Use the device to never see my posts, and perhaps go find whatever game YOU might like or figure out what else you can do with diamonds or other nuances in this game you don't appear to to yet be aware of instead of "suggesting" what I might do. I will be here until the end, and I hope that will be a long time from now.

What is relevant here is that the developers of this game have a business plan and that plan is to make money for themselves and investors if they have them. 

In my experience, business plans are usually three years in advance.  I don't believe their focus is on old and stagnant players who never spend a dime on advancing their games but on new players who will or older players wanting to get all of their achievements.

Your posts are not helping or changing the game.  They are just antagonizing players who are enjoying the game and, quite frankly, are sounding like a broken record.

If you are wanting change, be proactive, and contact Elephant Games.

Your comment about phoning in updates hit a nerve.  Since the pandemic, I have been working from home two days a week.  I'm trying to limit my exposure as well as to my co-workers.  I am calling my work in via my virtual laptop.

I'm sorry that you harbor negativity towards this game as you have constantly done on the Big Fish forum for other games.  

Let players enjoy the game and leave if you must.

Your "experience" regarding business plans? And "what is relevant here"? Really?  I  can't help but wonder what your particular qualifications are or how it is you are more qualified than me or any other player to know or have information as to the "plan" or "focus" that BF has for their company or individual games?  Or to determine what is or is not relevant regarding business plans. It seems you think that just because you say so that that settles the issue. LOL 

And, "phoning it in" is a figure of speech referring to low effort and/or little concern ---- all of us have made changes in our lives in regard to the pandemic, but that really has absolutely nothing to do with the state of Midnight Castle or any game. So your griping about that is an unrealistic stretch and totally unreasonable complaint.

Further, the BF forums have been closed for quite a while now, so I am not at all sure where you are getting your info ---- did I not like a game you enjoyed? There are a large number of games I positively reviewed ---- so did you just pick and choose certain comments?

I tried very hard to be fair, I was careful to point out that the game is a treasure and the devs are top notch. Perhaps a reread of the post might help you see that. Or, you could use the function you have available to you to not see my posts and my efforts to bring about minor changes that can only help the game for all players and the future of the game ---- as has been proven in the past. I have been watching the quality of the game drift slowly downhill, and I will speak up about it since the devs do read what is said here and in other forums (which has brought about several minor but positive tweaks) ----- and if my few comments are preventing you from enjoying the game, and you do not want to skip over or disregard what I say, then perhaps it is you who should leave if you must.


From: Honeyphan


Jenny MC (cbtx) (cbtx1) said:

You even said recently that you saw no point in having a lot of diamonds (the hard currency of the game with a multitude of uses) or airship items, etc.

Just wanted to correct you - I never said diamonds are not useful or I saw no point in having them. I just really don't know what to do with all of them I have accumulated, but often use them to buy gifts for friends. (I love winning them on the puzzle game). I also used some to change out the fairy in the private room. Also, I think a lot of airship items are important to have - I have over 2000 of each - and often gift that to my friends who ask for them. The way I play, I prefer only to send the airship during a DQ, a CC, or Trina quest. But, that's just me.

Jenny MC (cbtx) (cbtx1) said:

I'm not so addicted to the game that I play nothing else, or have "baby" games,

My "baby games" were started to help others, with event rooms - to pay it forward, so to speak, as I have been helped so much by all here. I call them baby games, because they are at low levels, as I'm not really progressing with them much (but might later on).

Jenny MC (cbtx) (cbtx1) said:

BTW, the tournament was suspended because certain people found a way to cheat the results, and the devs have been unable to find a solution for that. No one is "teasing" anyone, IMO.

The "tease" I was referring to is that they kept the sign up of "coming soon" even though they no longer intend to have the tournaments. For newbies especially, this is confusing - since I was waiting and waiting for a tournament last year shortly after I joined, but then read on here they stopped them. I never would have known that if I hadn't read it on the forum. I just wish they would take that sign down, since it is misleading and disappointing, in that there will never be a "coming soon."

Jenny MC (cbtx) (cbtx1) said:

It's getting where I can not offer my thoughts, opinions, and what I feel are constructive criticisms without you coming behind me to disagree in your Pollyanna disguise...

Pollyanna, huh? Well, if you think of me that way, that's okay. She was known to inspire and bring hope to others - and I don't mind having that kind of a character trait. In fact, I prefer it.

I wish you the best - and hope you find something to like about the events.

  • Edited April 17, 2021 6:41 am  by  Honeyphan

I already said I like the new room ---- that's about it.

And no, not Pollyanna, but the Pollyanna principle. The Pollyanna principle (also called Pollyannaism or positivity bias) is the tendency for people to remember pleasant items more accurately than unpleasant ones. And to you, it seems you will hear nothing about the game that could be construed as anything but positive. Truth be told, there are several things about the game that are needing developer work and attention, and I'm sorry you can't see that since if the game should stop being supported, no one will be more surprised than those that don't see the downward drift.

What you said about diamonds just now tells me you will learn more later about their uses. And the "baby games" are fine for you ---- I just can't see investing the time for me ---- I help others by gifting in my game (as I offered to help you before if memory serves).

And, yes, call it Pollyanna or positivity bias or whatever ---- you do indeed appear whenever I post to contradict my effort to improve the game. Every time, and that is your privilege. I'm sorry that you appear to be unable to see that I am looking at the long range future of this superbly imagined and beautifully crafted gem of a game ---- not just the recent cute features. 

But each to his own, and I am so pleased the game brings you such joy. Hope it continues.

I also wanted to say to you that ---- in all honesty ---- there is no reason for strained feelings on either of our parts. You seem to be a lovely person, and one who would be a positive influence on everyone you know in the real world. You have your way of playing and your view of the game and its elements, and I have mine. I have said over and over how much I like the game and appreciate the developers, so we share that, at least. Beyond that, our views differ, and that should be ok. 

I try to let you express your views without criticism, and, hopefully, you can see fit to do that for me. I don't start threads to invite criticism or arguments or advice on how to get over boredom or what to play, or do with my time or anything in that vein, and I really don't see why it riles people up so much when I say something they consider to be negative about the game.. I'm not really even addressing anyone in particular except the developers who DO read things here and DO listen ---- or so they have told me in the emails I have shared with them. 

Rather than continuing here if anything further needs to be said, perhaps PMs would be a better choice.